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Can IDs sue homeowners for posting bad reviews?

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by BlessingMagnet555

The courts have thrown out a defamation suit against these 2 homeowners for posting a negative review of Fineline.


I wonder if the firm has any case at all from a legal standpoint? I have heard cases of owners being threatened with legal letters for posting bad reviews of their renovation experience online. Would appreciate if any legal eagle would care to shed some light on this.

Germaine Tan
by Germaine Tan

Not a legal or law specialist here, but i feel that as long as a contract/agreement has been signed for a project to be carried out, both side are entitled to their opinions about it. It's just like me buying an item from an online marketplace like Amazon or Shopee. The seller can rate me, i also can rate the seller. Fair and square.

by janiceG

found that full review link here.


It seems to be that defamation could not be an easy case to prove, as the burden of proof rests on the plaintiff to prove to the courts that what was stated was untrue (1) and that it has resulted in damage (2). The fact that the courts threw the case out suggests that the firm didnt manage to get past (1) as the couple had well documented the defects of the renovation.

IMO, key lesson here is to always protect yourself with proper documentation to substantiate your point!

Can IDs sue homeowners for posting bad reviews?

Updated on 6 October 2020