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ID company charged me for repair during warranty period

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Mai Xiwen
by Mai Xiwen

My reno was completed around a year ago with an ID, which was quite a negative experience for me, as we faced some quality and workmanship issues along the way. To my ID's credit, he managed to resolve most of them even though we had to deal with some delays here and there. For the rest of the defects, we were happy to let go as we were in a hurry to move in. In addition, our ID had given us a 2 year warranty for defects and assured us that if any further issues arose in future they would be covered under the warranty.

However, last month some of our cabinet trimmings started coming off. We had tried to contact our ID but was surprised he was no longer with the company. After contacting the company directly, they sent a supervisor to survey our complaints. To our horror, the company was now charging us for the repairs as they claimed that it was due to 'wear and tear' even though they only lasted one year. We spoke to the boss, who then told us that we were already give 'warranty' price, but that did not cover the full cost of the repairs. This made us feel that it was rather unfair and that we were misled by the warranty that was promised to us.

Does anyone know if we have a case to claim for full cost of repairs from the company? Even though it is not an astronomical sum, it amounted to more than a few hundred.

by Pakoball

If the warranty says two years, within this period issues come out, should definitely be cover one. No matter whats the sum its your right to get them to fix the issues within the warranty period.

by Rethebecca

From the experience of other homeowners, most IDs that have a reputation of years would be willing to offer compensation to keep up with their reputation, especially if the compensation amount is small. It is usually not worth it to them to jeopardise future businesses opportunities if the homeowners get extremely unsatisfied and decides to rate them poorly online.

ID company charged me for repair during warranty period

Updated on 23 August 2021