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Cost savings of hiring contractor vs ID

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Samsiah Kushen
by Samsiah Kushen

As we know that rising materials and labour costs since COVID have inflated cost of renovation by at least 20% (from our personal research), we are seriously considering hiring a contractor instead of an ID. Although we more or less have a clear design in mind, we understand that hiring a contractor will probably mean more management and hands on attention from us, but does anyone know how much are we likely to save if we don't hire an ID? Thanks in advance!

Andrew Phua
by Andrew Phua

Some ID charged a fixed fee and some charged a percentage of the overall renovation cost, so it depends on your fee structure and also your total reno budget.

If your overall reno budget is lower a percentage would work better

Michael Sng
by Michael Sng

hi, have your renovation completed? Did you engage ID or contractors?

Cost savings of hiring contractor vs ID

Updated on 5 July 2022