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Shipping furniture from Malaysia?

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Esther Lye
by Esther Lye

Any fellow homeowners have experience of shipping furniture from Malaysia? Looking to get a few custom pieces from a furniture shop in JB. The prices are much lower than found locally and there are also some designs which I can't seem to find here in Singapore.

by Rethebecca

Have you asked the furniture shop if they provide any delivery/shipping services? Most furniture shop in JB have some form of in-house delivery service which they can quote you. You can also seek assistance from shipping services, they usually charge by either total weight or volumetric weight. I would recommend the shop's own shipping if available as it would cover any damages/issues that would occur during the shipping.

by minionsgang

I wouldnt bother with shipping furniture from Malaysia. Furniture in Singapore are still not that expensive (if you go to the fair-prices furniture shop), and avoid those "boutique" ones. Being able to see the price, feel it, try it and having the peace of mind that if the piece delivery have defects and warrantly is covered is worth every cent of the price buying locally. In the end, you are probably gonna use your furniture for at least 5 years right?

by pranjeet_choudhury

If you are considering buying furniture and have access to fair-priced furniture shops in Singapore, it may be worth exploring those options before deciding to ship furniture from Malaysia. Buying locally can offer advantages such as being able to physically see and feel the furniture before purchasing, as well as having peace of mind knowing that warranty and customer service support are readily available. Additionally, furniture in Singapore may not be as expensive as some people might expect, especially if you explore fair-priced options rather than boutique shops.

Ultimately, the decision to buy furniture locally or ship it from another country will depend on various factors, such as personal preferences, budget, and availability of specific styles or designs. It is recommended to do some research and compare prices, quality, and other factors before making a purchase decision.

Shipping furniture from Malaysia?

Updated on 26 March 2022