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Quality Assured Interior Designer
Ensure top quality for your renovation project. Protect your home from future repair costs from poor workmanship with FREE professional defect inspection.

QAS Photo #1

The QAS Process

QAS Process #1
Start by engaging a Quality Assured Designer on Hometrust. You can find the complete list of designer here.
QAS Process #2
Complete your QAS application by uploading your paid invoice/receipt with a Quality Assured Designer here.
QAS Process #3
A defect inspection will be carried out and an assessment report will be delivered both to you and your designer.
QAS Process #4
The inspectors will ensure rectifications are completed satisfactorily before handover. You’ll have a defect free home!

Why should I apply?

Hometrust Customer Centric Features
Read customer reviews
Receive free quotations
Free BCA CONQUAS third-party defect inspection
Receive free assessment report
Perform necessary retification before handover

What Customers Say

Testimonial #1
“Signing up with QAS made my renovation experience a breeze. I did not have to worry about checking for problems as professional inspection was provided for free. My designer was also responsible in following up with the recommendations, ensuring my home was in top condition before the handover.

That gave me great assurance and peace of mind as not only would my new home be defect-free, it would stay in good condition for years to come!”

— Anna Lim, 25, Homeonwer at Punggol BTO
Testimonial #2
“I signed up with QAS as I wanted an interior designer which was committed to proper workmanship standards and confident of delivering it. I had heard of horror stories of sloppy workmanship resulting in disputes, and desperately wanted to avoid that. Thankfully, QAS was able to protect my home from defects through their quality inspections. Their assessments were done in an objective and professional manner, ensuring that my home was in perfect condition during handover.”

— Joanna 30, Homeonwer of Caspian Condominium
Testimonial #3
“I was impressed with QAS for setting high standards for the renovation quality for my new home. It was great going into my renovation knowing there was common understanding of expectations, so there would not be any arguments or disputes with my designer. After receiving a report of the list of defects found, the inspectors discussed with my designer on ways to follow up with the rectifications. I felt mightily reassured that I could leave it to them to ensure a smooth handover. I’m very pleased as QAS was able to safeguard my rights as a consumer.”

—Mohd Khairul, 28, Homeowner at Sengkang

Frequently Asked Questions

Hometrust’s QAS is a scheme which aims to safeguard consumer interests when it comes to workmanship and built quality. Through providing free third-party inspections, consumers and their interior designers are able to get an objective assessment on work defects and follow up on expert recommendations to ensure their renovation project is in top condition before handover.

No, QAS is absolutely free! Simply apply for QAS once you have already signed up with a Quality Assured Designer. Hometrust will then make arrangements with your interior designer for the inspection close to the end of your renovation process. It’s that simple!

Quality Assured Designers are interior designer companies which have agreed to allow third-party defect inspections on their renovation projects, as well as to follow up with the necessary rectifications before handover of the project. Quality Assured Designers understand that delivering satisfactory built quality is the priority of QAS, and will respect the findings and recommendations of the inspection report.

The defect inspections will be conducted according to BCA Conquas standards by a third-party professional defect inspector. The inspections will identify defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes within the architectural, mechanical (plumbing) and electrical systems. Following the inspection, an assessment report will be delivered to you and your interior designer. The inspector will then use the report to initiate the rectification process to ensure rectification works have been completed satisfactorily according to BCA standards before handover.