6 Cove Lighting Ideas To Inspire Your Next Home

6 Cove Lighting Ideas To Inspire Your Next Home
January 19, 2024 hometrust

6 Cove Lighting Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home

Want a relaxing ambience in your home?

Harsh, bright lights are simply not conducive to creating that ambience.

Instead, you can utilise cove lights, which give you soft and diffused lighting.

In this article, we showcase 6 cove lighting ideas to inspire your next home. Read on for more!

1. This Living Room with Cove Lighting

contemporary living room with feature wall and cove lighting
842 Tampines 1 ($120,000) by Areana Creation Pte Ltd

This is how cove lighting traditionally looks like. You can see that there’s a false ceiling that has been erected, with recessed or hidden lighting fixtures installed along the perimeter, forming a square or rectangle. The light is then directed upwards, creating a soft, indirect glow that gently illuminates the ceiling and adjacent walls.

2. This Living Room with Cove Lighting

contemporary living room with tv console and feature wall
206B Woodleigh Link ($65,000) by The Design Scientists

For a contemporary aesthetic, consider installing cove lights on fewer sides of your ceiling. In the example above, the homeowners have chosen to illuminate two sides out of the four, achieving a clean and minimalist appearance while maintaining the soft, diffused lighting effect.

3. This Living Room with Cove Lighting

contemporary living room with tv console and feature wall 3
Trevista Condo, Toa Payoh ($85,000) by Eight Design Pte Ltd

Continuing in the same vein: you can even choose to illuminate just one side of your ceiling with cove lighting – that’s doable too. In this case, you’ll probably want to supplement your cove lighting with other sources of light, such as LED strips built into your TV console.

4. This Living Room with Cove Lighting

contemporary dining room with cove lighting and ceiling light
Goodwood Residence ($100,000) by Design Avenue

In many homes, cove lighting and downlights go hand in hand. You can turn on your cove lights when you want to enhance the mood of the space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, turn on your downlights when you need focused and practical lighting for specific tasks, such as reading.

5. This Bedroom with Cove Lighting

contemporary bedroom with bay window and cove lighting
A Modern Contemporary Outback Interior Design ($250,000) by AR Kee Design Studio

Cove lighting is perfect for a bedroom, as it introduces a gentle and indirect illumination that contributes to a serene and calming ambiance. When strategically placed along the perimeter of the room, cove lights can create a soft, diffused glow that minimizes harsh shadows.

6. This Bedroom with Cove Lighting

contemporary bedroom with cove lighting and wardrobe
Tampines Greenvines ($55,000) by Mr Designer Studio

Bedrooms are all about rest and relaxation – and cove lighting is an ideal companion for cultivating the perfect ambiance. By gently illuminating the room from above, cove lighting imparts a soft, diffused glow that promotes a serene atmosphere conducive to winding down after a long day.

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