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    industrial hallway with drop light and dining table

    How To Design A Home That’s Great For Entertaining

    If you’re big on entertaining, and you’re planning to offer up your place as the de facto spot for gatherings with your friends, you’ll want to design your home to meet this specific need. In this article, we walk you through exactly how to design a home that’s great for entertaining, and point out all the factors to consider.

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    contemporary study with bookshelf and desk

    How To Create A Study That’s Ideal For Work-From-Home

    For most folks, work-from-home has become part of our reality. Even as restrictions ease and offices re-open, many companies now (thankfully!) have more flexible working arrangements, allowing their employees to work from home as and when the situation calls for it.

    How do you remain productive and ensure that you get your work done, whilst you work from home? In this article, we share several tips on how you can do just that.

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    omni design living room

    7 Smart Home Devices You Need To Make Your Home Futuristic

    One of the reasons for the rising trend of smart home devices is that it adds a great amount of practical advantages that elevates our living experience, from adding remote control to increased energy efficiency to better home management insights.

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    9 creation northshore drive

    5 Accreditations You Will Find In ID Firms And What They Mean For Homeowners

    Renovation is one of the things that new homeowners look forward to when getting the keys to your home. But sometimes the excitement can turn into disappointment when you engage the wrong interior design (ID) firm or contractor to handle your renovation for you. And it is not uncommon to hear of renovation horror stories such as poor service, shabby workmanship or even ID firm absconding with your money before renovation is complete.

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    rivercove scandinavian condo

    6 Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Commonly Make That You Want To Avoid

    Home renovation is one of the most exciting phase for any first-time homeowner. But the renovation phase can also become one that is filled with missteps and regrets if you end up making avoidable renovation mistakes. For the first-time homeowners out there, here are some common renovation mistakes to take note of so as to avoid the missteps of past homeowners.

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    tampines ave 4 kitchen cabinets

    5 Design Hacks That Will Elevate Your Kitchen Experience

    Given the importance of the kitchen for a home, it is important to elevate your kitchen experience with the right design hacks. If you are looking for some kitchen renovation inspiration, here are 5 kitchen design hacks that will help you elevate your kitchen experience.

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    asian style the elysia

    4 Factors You Can Use To Find The Perfect ID For Your Renovation Needs

    Finding the right interior designer (ID) is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are many IDs on the market, but unfortunately not every ID is a good ID. That’s why the ability to discern between a good and bad ID is very important, especially for first-time homeowners. After all, you don’t want to leave your first home in the hands of a bad ID and set yourself up for failure.

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    industrial 3 room hdb resale

    Step-By-Step Guide To Planning Your Renovation

    if you want your renovation to go smoothly and not give you any unwanted headaches, make sure that you reference our step by step guide on how you can plan your renovation to perfection.

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    502 serangoon scandinavian

    4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Between DIY And Engaging An ID

    Should you DIY with your own contractor, or engage an interior design firm (ID) to do your home renovation for you? That’s the big question that many new homeowners ask after signing the sale agreement to buy your own home.

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    palm gardens resale condo interior

    Tools And Tips That Will Help You Budget And Track Expenses For Your Home Renovation

    Home renovation budgeting and tracking of renovation expense is a necessary evil in every homeowner’s homeownership journey. For some, budgeting and tracking of expense is a nightmare. For others, it is a chore that they don’t really understand why it needs to be done. Well, you are not alone.