6 Ideas To Help You Segregate And Block Off Space In Your Bedroom

6 Ideas To Help You Segregate And Block Off Space In Your Bedroom
September 29, 2022 hometrust

6 Ideas To Help You Segregate And Block Off Space In Your Bedroom

For most of us, bedrooms aren’t just a place to sleep – they’re also where we get dressed, and perhaps even work from home.

But here’s the thing – you want your bedroom to be a sanctuary, and a place where you can truly relax.

To achieve this, make sure you segregate your room properly. The goal is to minimise visual clutter, and draw a firm line between work and rest.

1. This Bedroom With A Glass Divider

scandinavian bedroom with vinyl flooring and bedside table
204D Compassvale Drive ($75,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

Want to segregate your bedroom, but still have plenty of light flowing through?

Build a glass divider instead of one that’s opaque – this allows you to separate your sleeping space from the rest of your bedroom, but still keeps the room open and airy.

2. This Bedroom With A Fluted Panel Feature Wall

modern bedroom with wood flooring and feature wall
42 Keppel Bay Drive ($90,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

Don’t want to see your bed right as you step into your room? You can use a wall to create an entryway of sorts, giving you more privacy.

Bonus points if your feature wall uses the same design element that you’ve already using in your bedroom. (Fluted panels, in this instance!)

3. This Minimal Platform Bed Cum Desk Setup

scandinavian bedroom with built in bed and window grille
Punggol Regalia ($68,000) by Sky Creation

It’s tough incorporating a workspace in your bedroom – chances are, your space will look messy.

To get around this, consider building a work desk and platform bed in the same material and finish. Because platform beds are by nature, simple and minimal, this helps your place look sleek rather than cluttered.

By positioning your work desk against your bed, you also effectively segregate your room. This automatically creates a work zone, and a rest zone.

4. This Bedroom With A Headboard Divider

modern bedroom with built in bed and bedroom dresser
Northshore II ($40,000) by Areana Creation Pte Ltd

Now, this is certainly one of the more creative bedrooms we’ve seen… they’re utilising the headboard of the bed as a room divider!

Obviously, building in your bed is a more expensive option as compared to purchasing a bed from, say, IKEA. But we love how this design is both aesthetic and functional.

5. This Bedroom With A Wardrobe Acting As A Divider

contemporary bedroom with wood flooring and wardrobe
Northshore Drive, Singapore ($20,000) by Weiken.com Design Pte Ltd

This is a fairly popular approach – if you’ve got enough space in your bedroom, you can use a wardrobe as a divider. This lets you create a dressing area that’s visible once you step into the bedroom, and a sleeping/rest area that’s tucked away behind the wardrobe.

6. This Bedroom With A Dressing Table

contemporary bedroom with wardrobe and roller blinds
Tampines North Drive 1 ($37,500) by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

Finally, this design also uses a wardrobe to segregate the bedroom – but instead of building in an extra row of wardrobes at the entrance of the room, they’ve chosen to create a dressing area instead.

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