6 Living Spaces Featuring Japanese-Inspired Raised Platform Designs

6 Living Spaces Featuring Japanese-Inspired Raised Platform Designs
October 29, 2022 hometrust

6 Living Spaces Featuring Japanese-Inspired Raised Platform Designs

Raised platforms all the rage these days – and we can see why.

They’re both functional and aesthetic, and a great way of building more storage in your home.

In this article, we share 6 living spaces featuring raised platform designs, for your inspiration!

1. This Living Room With A Raised Platform

industrial living room with feature wall and sofa
102 Canberra St ($25,000) by Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Pte Ltd

In this living room, they’ve cleverly used a raised platform to demarcate the space. You’ve got an area where you can relax on the couch and use the TV, and behind that, a lounging space complete with a built-in table.

2. This Chill-Out Area Featuring A Raised Platform

scandinavian living room with coffee table and square coffee table
Northshore Drive, Singapore ($30,000) by Weiken.com Design Pte Ltd

If you want to zone out a small area for working or chilling, using a raised platform is a great way of doing that. In this particular, the setup is kept minimalist, with nothing more than a beanbag chair, a laptop stand, and a plant. This space is giving us major Japandi vibes!

3. This Raised Platform With Two Layers Of Storage

scandinavian living room with tv console and side table
273A Punggol Place ($25,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

We love how functional this raised platform is. You can use it as a space to work, surf the internet, or even watch movies that are projected onto the wall. Plus, the platform is designed to give the homeowners not one, but two layers of storage space. How smart is that?

4. This Bed That’s Built On A Raised Platform

contemporary bedroom with platform bed and downlights
314 Punggol Way ($42,000) by Omni Design Pte Ltd

We love the sleekness and minimalism of a raised platform bed. This one also comes with additional panels to its left, to give the homeowners additional privacy.

5. This (Other) Bed That’s Also Built On A Raised Platform

modern bedroom with platform bed and wardrobe
Skyline Residences ($120,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

Another raised platform bed! The beds themselves aren’t all that different – both of them are built on two-layer platforms. That said, the different lighting and flooring translate into radically different aesthetics for each space.

6. This Raised Platform In This Study

modern study with vinyl flooring and storage cabinets
Alkaff Lakeview BTO ($42,000) by Noble Interior Design

Who says raised platforms are only for living rooms or bedrooms? In this project, you’ve got a raised platform in the study, and it looks pretty versatile.

You can lounge on the platform, take a nap on some pillows, or clear the space and do some light exercising/stretching. Take your pick!

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