6 Moody Homes That Prove That Dark Is Sometimes Better

6 Moody Homes That Prove That Dark Is Sometimes Better
September 7, 2022 hometrust

6 Moody Homes That Prove That Dark Is Sometimes Better

If you watch interior design videos online, you’ll realise that 9 out of 10 homeowners talk about how they want to achieve a “bright and airy” feel in their homes. But what about the folks who prefer darker colours and interiors? In this article, we share 6 moody homes that prove that dark is sometimes better.

1. This Luxurious-looking Living Space

modern living room with tv console and sofa
Rhaysody on Mount Elizabeth ($200,000) by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

A darker colour theme has the advantage of looking more luxurious and expensive, if you do it right. For example, the dark walls here definitely add a touch of class and sophistication to the space.

2. This Industrial Chic Living Room

industrial hallway with drop light and dining table
17 Telok Blangah ($67,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

One common complaint about using dark colours is that it makes a space look smaller – but there are so many things you can do to get around this. For example, knock down your walls to create an open kitchen, or replace your walls with glass panels for a more open feel.

3. This Dining Space That Balances Light And Dark Perfectly

industrial dining room with feature wall and dining table
Cambridge Road ($60,000) by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

If you ask us, this living space nails the balance between light and dark perfectly. We love the juxtaposition of the light and dark-coloured walls, and how they play off each other.

4. This Industrial-style Study

industrial home office with bay window and desk
2 Holland Ave ($66,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

Want to experiment with a darker theme but aren’t sure of how to do so? One easy way is to introduce it in your study.

Because the study is a place for you to be focused and alert, it makes sense to utilise darker and more “spartan” colour schemes here.

5. This Uncompromisingly Black Bedroom

industrial bedroom with ceiling fan and storage cabinets
Cambridge Road ($60,000) by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

This definitely isn’t for everyone – we know many folks who would protest strongly against having a black bedroom. We can see the appeal in this space though: it’s sleek, modern, and devoid of any distractions that might interfere with your sleep.

6. This Minimalist-style Bedroom

industrial bedroom with ceiling light and curtain
228A Ang Mo Kio ($40,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

While this other bedroom is also relatively dark, it’s nowhere as austere as the previous one. We love the combination of the wooden floor tiles against the concrete-look wall.

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