6 Ways You Can Use Artwork To Complete Your Home (Part 2)

6 Ways You Can Use Artwork To Complete Your Home (Part 2)
August 1, 2023 hometrust

6 Ways You Can Use Artwork To Complete Your Home (Part 2)

Feel like your home is missing something, but can’t quite put your finger on what it is?

The answer may very well be… art!

With the right artwork, your home can immediately feel more polished and put together.

In this article, we share 6 examples of homeowners who have utilised artwork in their home for your inspiration.

1. This Elongated Art Piece

contemporary living room with homogeneous tiles and feature wall
Condo @ Novena ($105,000) by 13 Degree Design Studio Pte Ltd

Want to make your artwork look expensive?

Here’s a simple trick – make sure your artwork’s dimensions fits in nicely with the space you want to hang in it.

So if you want to hang your artwork on a long, narrow wall, look for a piece of art that’s long and narrow itself. Simple as that!

2. This Futuristic-Looking Art Piece

contemporary living room with homogeneous tiles and feature wall 2
Condo @ Novena ($105,000) by 13 Degree Design Studio Pte Ltd

This might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when we say “artwork”, but feel free to play around with different types of styles.

If you want to achieve that futuristic, ultra-modern look for your space, go for artwork that’s bold, minimalist, and avant-garde.

Embrace sleek lines, geometric shapes, and a contemporary color palette, like what you see in the example here.

3. This Iconic Audrey Hepburn Print

eclectic living room with tv console and artwork
Kallang Trivista ($72,000) by Free Space Intent

Who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn?

Your artwork doesn’t have to be a never-before-seen piece – you can use your artwork to pay homage to your favourite media, pop culture references, or iconic figures.

4. This Gold-Accented Artwork

modern study with artwork and armchairs
Waterplace ($250,000) by Mr Shopper Studio

Notice how the gold in the artwork ties in with the gold accents on the furniture?

The devil is in the details – that’s how  you create a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic in your space!

5. These Multi-Panel Artwork

transitional hallway with bookshelf and artwork
Clementi Park ($160,000) by Mr Shopper Studio

Multi-panel artworks are designed to be displayed together, forming a cohesive composition or narrative when placed side by side.

With this type of artwork, you can enhance the visual impact and create a sense of continuity between the individual pieces.

6. This Nature-Inspired Artwork

eclectic study with artwork and desk
New Build Home Interior Design ($33,000) by Hmlet Interiors

Can’t decide what type of artwork to place in a certain area? Start by thinking of what kind of feelings you want to evoke.

For example, say you want your desk to be a place where you can relax, journal, and meditate.

You might choose to put an artwork with plenty of nature and greenery here, or anything else that brings you peace and calmness.

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