6 Creative Ideas On What To Do With Your Bedroom Dresser

6 Creative Ideas On What To Do With Your Bedroom Dresser
December 12, 2023 hometrust

6 Creative Ideas On What To Do With Your Bedroom Dresser

For most households, a dresser or dressing table is a must-have in the bedroom.

In this article, we explore 6 different options for your bedroom dresser, and share some ideas on what you can potentially do with it.

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1. This Minimalist Dresser Next To The Bed

minimalist bedroom with vinyl flooring and wardrobe
Jalan Teck Whye ($40,000) by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

If you have space constraints, one idea is to have a compact wall-mounted dresser right next to your bed.

This can double up as a bedside table, and a dresser at the same time!

2. This Dresser At The Foot Of The Bed

scandinavian bedroom with vinyl flooring and bedside table
204D Compassvale Drive ($75,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd


Have a bedroom with a long-ish layout?

You can put your dresser at the foot of the bed, and put a divider behind it to segregate the space.

3. This Dresser That Comes With A Built-In Niche

scandinavian bedroom with bedside table and bedroom dresser
Melody Spring ($80,000) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

This dresser is built into the wardrobe – and as you can see, it extends out from recessed niches that you can use for storage.

Pretty smart, huh?

4. This Dresser That Lives In A Separate Space From The Bedroom

modern bedroom with wardrobe and ceiling fan
70B Telok Blangah ($40,000) by Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Pte Ltd

Technically, this dresser is still in the bedroom.

But the homeowners have cleverly built the wardrobe in a way that segments the room.

This carves out space for a makeshift walk-in wardrobe, where you can get ready and get changed!

5. This Chest-Of-Drawers Cum Dressing Area

modern bedroom with wood flooring and ceiling light
528C Costa Ris ($51,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd


Again, this one is good for folks who are short on space.

Go ahead and use your chest-of-drawers as a dressing table – just make sure you have a mirror, and you’re all set.

6. This Dresser That’s Concealed In A Wardrobe

contemporary bedroom with wardrobe and bedroom dresser
645B Tampines St 62 ($65,000) by Mr Designer Studio

If you hate clutter and want everything to be hidden away, this is a good hack.

Conceal your dresser in a wardrobe – this way, you can close the door and easily conceal any mess!

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