6 Spaces Featuring Parquet Floors For Those Who Are #TeamParquet

6 Spaces Featuring Parquet Floors For Those Who Are #TeamParquet
November 26, 2023 hometrust

6 Spaces Featuring Parquet Floors For Those Who Are #TeamParquet

Parquet floors – yay or nay?

Yes, these are definitely more expensive compared to vinyl or tile.

However, we love the feel of parquet beneath our feet, and there’s no denying that parquet floors are gorgeous to look at.

In this blog post, we round up 6 spaces featuring parquet floors for your inspiration!

1. This Luxurious-Looking Bedroom With Parquet Floors

contemporary bedroom with parquet floor and cove lighting
Silversea Penthouse ($250,000) by Thexton Smith Interiors

How inviting is this bedroom?

If you want to achieve a similar look, the key is to make sure there aren’t too many colours in one space.

Here, the homeowners have cleverly matched the gold accents to the parquet floors, so they’re of a similar shade.

2. This Industrial-Style Living Room With Parquet Floors

industrial living room with parquet floor and carpet
HDB Resale 3 Bedroom Dorset Road ($64,000) by Space Atelier Pte Ltd

Industrial and wood go hand-in-hand, and parquet is a great choice if you’re going for an industrial aesthetic.

3. This Cozy Nursery With Parquet Floors

scandinavian bedroom with bookshelf and parquet floor
The Gale ($60,000) by Mr Designer Studio

A nursery is meant to be cozy and restful – not clinical and sterile.

Because parquet floors add a touch of warmth, they’re perfect for this space!

4. This Resort-Style Bedroom With Parquet Floors

contemporary bedroom with parquet floor and ceiling light
Sunrise Drive ($120,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

This bedroom reminds us of those Bali-style resorts – we’d love to come home to this every night.

This is a great example of how great wood-on-wood can look, if done right!

5. This Modern Bedroom With Parquet Floors

modern bedroom with parquet floor and closet
Hillview Green ($80,000) by Design Avenue

Another bedroom with parquet floors, but a completely different look and feel!

This bedroom is a lot more masculine, and it’s more clean and sophisticated as compared to cozy and inviting.

Here, the parquet floor serves as a counter-balance, so that you do get an element of warmth in an otherwise contemporary and minimalist bedroom.

6. This Handsome-Looking Kitchen With Parquet Floors

industrial kitchen with parquet floor and granite floor
225 Ang Mo Kio ($36,300) by Areana Creation Pte Ltd

It isn’t often that you see parquet in the kitchen, but hey, it works!

If you’re sick of the usual tiles, go for parquet for a different look.

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