6 Vintage-Inspired Homes That Exude A Timeless Appeal

6 Vintage-Inspired Homes That Exude A Timeless Appeal
March 4, 2023 hometrust

6 Vintage-Inspired Homes That Exude A Timeless Appeal

Love all things retro and old-school?

In this article, we showcase 6 vintage-inspired homes that exude a timeless appeal.

You know what they say… old is gold!

1. This Hipster-Looking Apartment

vintage living room with cement floor and sofa
Director Favourite ($75,000) by Free Space Intent

We love a home that’s got character – and that’s definitely the case for this apartment that’s part industrial, part retro.

Here, the raw finish of the walls goes perfectly with the old-timey decor, such as the desk fan and the upcycled signboard.

2. This Living Space That Gives Us Kopitiam Vibes

vintage dining room with dining table and dining chairs
Matilda Edge ($24,000) by Areana Creation Pte Ltd

Want to recreate the look and feel of an old-school kopitiam? A round table + stools will do the trick.

Display some trinkets from the past (old pots and pans, biscuit tins, tingkat boxes), and it instantly feels nostalgic.

3. This Stylish Mid-Century Inspired Home

vintage living room with tv console and sofa
Sin Ming ($78,000) by Free Space Intent

Mid-century furniture (characterised by clean lines, gentle curves, and organic shapes) are a great match with the vintage aesthetic.

To amp up the retro factor, pick bolder colours like yellow and green, instead of sticking to a neutral palette.

4. This Luxurious-Looking Home

vintage room
272C Jurong West St. 24 ($50,000) by Weiken.com Design Pte Ltd

If we had to distill the essence of this home into a single phrase, we’d go with “luxury meets vintage”.

This home is undeniably opulent, with its marble floors and chandeliers. The tufted sofa is also a focal point – while this style of sofa first became popular centuries ago, in the Victorian era, it’s still very much a classic today.

5. This Tasteful-Looking Retro Home

vintage living room with coffee table and small storage
Telok Blangah ($46,000) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

Too much antique or old furniture can easily make a room dated, but that’s not the case here.

The key lies in picking pieces that are slim and streamlined – you don’t want pieces that are too bulky, because it’ll make your home look stuffy and oppressive.

6. This Retro Yet Modern Home

vintage living room with vinyl flooring and tv console
Chinatown Modern Vintage ($40,000) by Honeycomb Design Studio

We love how this room is styled – while there are pieces that are undeniably retro (the mosaic tiles, the room divider), the room still has a contemporary, fun vibe to it.

It’s all about mixing it up – don’t be afraid to juxtapose vintage or antique furniture against more modern pieces.

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