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4 Gorgeous BTO Renovations Under $30,000 – Yes, It’s Possible!
July 18, 2020 hometrust

4 Gorgeous BTO Renovations Under $30,000 – Yes, It’s Possible!

contemporary bedroom design
Yishun Ave 6 ($24,818) by Home Reno Pte Ltd

Besides the cost of buying a new BTO, the next item that is going to cost a hefty chunk of the proverbial pie would be the cost of renovations. We know that renovations hardly come cheap, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be affordable! With a BTO, you have the luxury of starting a new home from a clean and fresh slate — that means you don’t have to commit to spending money on tearing down existing walls or furniture, and can channel that to really sprucing up your new place, instead!

Here, we’ve specially curated 4 gorgeous BTO renovations for SGD 30,000 and under for the whole apartment. The key to an affordable BTO renovation? Knowing exactly what style and aesthetic you’re after, and select a workable budget based on that. Take a good amount of inspiration from these homes, and have a happy renovation journey!

1. A Minimalistic And Understated Contemporary Styled Home: 4-room HDB at Bukit Batok

contemporary living room
Bukit Batok @ Skyline l
($25,000) by Home Reno Pte Ltd

Project Title: Bukit Batok @ Skyline I

Type of home: 4-room HDB

Cost of renovation: $25,000

The contemporary style has always been hugely popular in Singapore, and why would it not be? With its sleek, clean lines and colours tending to the neutral palette, it’s an easy and versatile look that suits every home.

For this 4-room HDB, the majority of the renovation budget was spent on carpentry, flooring, and tiling — and what a difference it makes! Focusing on a few key areas of your home that you want to change up is a good tip to keep your budget on track. We love the gorgeous wooden laminated floors and open study area — it’s understated but hardly underwhelming. Some other characteristics of this contemporary style consists of clean and open spaces with a lot of natural light, and the light-coloured walls help to keep your home bright!

bright living room
contemporary kitchen entrance
contemporary dining area

2. A Modern And Marbled Home: 4-room HDB at Punggol

contemporary punggol console
Punggol ($30,000) by D&R Design Reno

Project Title: New 4-room HDB at Punggol

Type of home: 4-room HDB

Cost of renovation: $30,000

Straying far away from the common neutral and white themed homes we see quite often nowadays, this 4-room HDB at Punggol reminds us of a muted version of a modern Renaissance museum! With the delicately marbled floor and surfaces, paired with gorgeous golden ornate finishes — we love how seamlessly understated yet sophisticated it looks and comes together. Understandably, the bulk of the renovation costs came from the carpentry — and with how classic and modern it looks, we’ll say it was well worth it!

contemporary sitting bench
contemporary luxury kitchen
contemporary luxury bedroom

3. A Cheerful Twist On A Classic Scandinavian Home: 4-room HDB at Joo Seng

scandinavian living room
9 Joo Seng Road ($30,000) by Areana Creation Pte Ltd

Project Title: 9 Joo Seng Road

Type of home: 4-room HDB

Cost of renovation: $30,000

We know this for a fact: Singaporeans love the Scandinavian aesthetic. We love IKEA furniture, clean sleek lines, and minimalistic furniture — all accurate emblems of the Scandinavian style! That being said, this design can admittedly be quite cookie cutter, where homeowners opt to default to this safe choice. However, this home is anything but ordinary — we love the subtle whimsical touches of bright, bold colours and additions of the cutesy soft toys that differentiates it from the usual minimalistic style that most people love. Most of the renovation costs went to wiring, carpentry, and most of all — the false ceiling! We love how the combination of the false ceiling and lighting illuminates the living room, adding a cheerful vibe that we absolutely love!

scandinavian 4 room living room
scandinavian dining area
scandinavian kitchen hdb

4. A Breezy Resort-style Home With A Splash Of Colour: 4-room HDB at Edgedale Plains

scandinavian living room design
684C Edgedale Plains ($23,000) by Carpenters 匠

Project Title: 684C Edgedale Plains

Type of home: 4-room HDB

Cost of renovation: $23,000

With renovations priced at a reasonable $23,000, we think that this home is has surely the most bang for buck! With gorgeous wooden laminate, wooden finishing, and wooden carpentry — this home resembles a winter cabin deep in the forests of Scandinavia. This exquisite pairing brings a warm comfort and coziness in the home, and makes us want to curl up on the sofa after a hard day’s work — and that’s exactly the feeling that your home should evoke in you. We also love the bold splash of blue in the master bedroom — quite a stroke of genius in an otherwise consistent palette of dark neutrals and wood fixtures!

blue walled bedroom
scandi open kitchen
scandi textured bathroom


With so many gorgeous BTO renovations done affordably, we think that inspiration for a better home is never too far away. The choice between the myriad of interior design styles — be it Scandinavian, minimalist, rustic, or even a unique modern Renaissance — can be quite a difficult one, but trust your gut and instinct and make sure to follow your heart. It’s high time to roll up your sleeves and take the leap, and soon enough you’ll be looking forward to a brand new home!

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