6 Ways To Spruce Up And Style Your Space With Mirrors

6 Ways To Spruce Up And Style Your Space With Mirrors
May 27, 2023 hometrust

6 Ways To Spruce Up And Style Your Space With Mirrors

Mirrors are a great design element – they’re both decorative, and functional.

Want to look for some creative ways to use mirrors? You’re in the right place.

In this article, we showcase 6 ways to use mirrors to spruce up and style your space. You’ll be amazed at how much character mirrors can add to a space!

1. This Irregular, Wavy-Looking Mirror

minimalist walk in wardrobe with mirror and wardrobe
622 Senja Road ($50,000) by Weiken.com Design Pte Ltd

This is what we meant when we said that a mirror can instantly transform your space.

Without the mirror? The space is stylish, but a bit bland and lacking in character.

The mirror acts as a focal point, and makes the space visually interesting!

2. This Decorative Mirror That Is Sure To Impress Your Guests

modern dining room with feature wall and mirror
163 Yung Ping Road ($100,000) by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

If you’re going for the luxe, opulent look in your home, choose a more ornate mirror that fits the theme.

The one you see in the picture above is called a diamond pane mirror or a diamond grid mirror – it’s often used in traditional or vintage-inspired homes.

3. This Mirror That’s Built Into A Seating Bench

scandinavian living room with feature wall and sofa 2
622 Tampines ($50,000) by Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Pte Ltd

Many people put a full-length mirror in their entryway, so they can check their appearance before they leave their home.

It’s also common to have some sort of seating bench or nook – this lets you wear your shoes easily before you leave.

So why not combine both and have a bench that houses a mirror as well? Pretty smart, if you ask us!

4. This Mirror Which Complements The Terrazzo Backdrop Perfectly

contemporary bathroom with mirror and shower screen
17 Canberra Dr ($150,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

How fun does this look?

When you’ve got something as bold as large-scale terrazzo tiles on the wall, you need a mirror that can hold its own, but not compete for attention with the wall.

This mirror is a perfect fit – it’s bordered and looks different from your standard mirror, without being over-the-top.

5. This Mirror That Will Instantly Glam Up Your “Getting Ready” Space

scandinavian walk in wardrobe with mirror and wardrobe
Joo Seng Green ($55,000) by Mr Shopper Studio

Let’s face it – not everyone has the space for a walk-in wardrobe.

But most folks can find the space for a mirror – and opting for a Hollywood mirror with built-in lamps will instantly glam up your space!

6. This Funky Floor-Length Mirror

contemporary bedroom with mirror and cove lighting
Charlton Lane ($120,000) by Eight Design Pte Ltd

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that this floor-length mirror has TONS of character.

We personally think that this is such a fun look – assuming it fits in with the rest of your decor and furniture, of course!

PS: If you’re into this, you can find many options on Shopee – just search “wavy full length mirror”.

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