6 Ways You Can Use Rugs To Achieve That Hyggae-Style Home

6 Ways You Can Use Rugs To Achieve That Hyggae-Style Home
June 27, 2023 hometrust

6 Ways You Can Use Rugs To Achieve That Hyggae-Style Home

A decade or two ago, rugs and carpets weren’t really a thing.

But fast forward to today, and rugs are becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners.

In this article, we showcase 6 homes that have used rugs to make their space look more cozy and inviting.

Read on to find out more!

1. This Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room with ceiling fan and curtain
402A Fernvale Ln ($44,500) by Livspace

Just close your eyes for a second, and picture this room without the rug.

It’ll still look aesthetic, but much less cozy and inviting.

That’s what a rug does for your space – it makes it more welcoming and comfortable, contributing to the Hyggae vibe.

2. This Luxe-Looking Entryway

contemporary entryway with mirror and doormats
100 Kim Seng Road, Singapore ($70,000) by Weiken.com Design Pte Ltd

The design of this space is completely different from the first – but again, they utilise a rug to make the space more inviting and cozy.

In this case, the colour of the rug also ties in with the other accents (the backing of the chairs), and completes the look.

3. This Chill Out Corner

scandinavian gaming room with bookshelf and sofa
49 Telok Blangah ($57,000) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

If you’re designing a chill out corner or a reading nook, a rug is an absolute must!

Don’t restrict yourself to rugs that are neutral in colour – you can use a rug to inject some colour in the room, like what the homeowners have done here.

4. This Walk-In Wardrobe

industrial walk in wardrobe with desk and coat rack
Macpherson Residency ($43,000) by Free Space Intent

As you can tell, this walk-in wardrobe is somewhat industrial, and very masculine.

Adding a rug is the perfect way of counterbalancing that, and making sure that the room doesn’t look too austere or cold.

5. This Gathering Space

minimalist living room with feature wall and ceiling light
Simei Street ($60,000) by Juz Interior Pte Ltd

Without the rugs, this place is just an empty space with some storage underneath the platform.

With the rugs, it’s transformed into a cozy chillout space, where you can practice your guitar, read, or hang out with your guests.

6. This Eclectic Living Space

vintage living room with window grille and coffee table
82 Strathmore Avenue ($42,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

Rugs aren’t just an aesthetic choice – they’re functional as well.

Don’t have enough seating for your guests? Just pull out all the chairs you have, and the rest of your guests can sit on the rug.

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