How Much Do 3, 4, 5-Room HDB Flats Cost To Renovate In 2024?

How Much Do 3, 4, 5-Room HDB Flats Cost To Renovate In 2024?
June 15, 2024 hometrust

How Much Do 3, 4, 5-Room HDB Flats Cost To Renovate In 2024?

Planning to renovate your HDB flat soon? You’ll definitely want to understand the costs associated with renovating, so that you can plan and allocate your budget accordingly.

This article provides a detailed look into the expected costs for renovating 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room HDB flats, offering homeowners insights to help plan their renovation process.

Average renovation costs for HDB flats in 2024

Here are some estimated renovation costs for 3, 4, and 5-room HDB flats.

3-room HDB flats

For 3-room flats, which typically measure around 60 to 65 square meters, the renovation costs typically range from $25,000 to $60,000.

scandinavian living room with tv console and sofa
Kallang Breeze ($33,000) by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

The lower end of this spectrum may cover basic updates like new paint and flooring, while the higher end could involve comprehensive overhauls including kitchen and bathroom remodelling, electrical rewiring, and custom cabinetry.

3-room flats offer less flexibility when it comes to making dramatic changes to the layout. Due to their compact nature, structural alterations such as knocking down walls to create additional space aren’t always feasible. This constraint often means that the layout must remain largely as is, which can be a cost-saving factor as extensive structural work increases renovation costs significantly.

With limited space, renovations in 3-room flats often focus on maximizing the efficiency and functionality of existing spaces. This includes multi-functional furniture and built-ins, strategic placement of mirrors to enhance the sense of space, and thoughtful storage solutions that make the most of every square inch. These elements are crucial in smaller spaces and tend to be less extensive and therefore less costly than those in larger homes.

4-room HDB flats

Moving up in size, 4-room flats, which offer about 90 square meters of space, see renovation costs ranging from $30,000 to $90,000. This price range accommodates modest upgrades to more extensive renovations that may include high-end finishes, extensive carpentry work, and the addition of smart home features.

minimalist living room with tv console and storage cabinets
18A Circuit Road ($65,000) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

4-room flats, typically measuring between 90 to 105 square meters, offer homeowners considerable freedom to reconfigure their interiors to better suit their needs.

One popular structural change is the removal of a bedroom wall to expand the living room.

This modification is particularly popular because 4-room and 5-room flats feature the same number of bedrooms, but the 4-room flats have a comparatively smaller living room. By combining a bedroom with the living room, owners not only create a larger, more inviting space but also improve the flat’s functionality for entertaining and everyday living. This adjustment results in a more open, airy feel, optimizing the available space for relaxation and social gatherings.

The additional space in 4-room flats allows renovations to be tailored based on homeowners’ preferences and lifestyle.

For those who enjoy hosting, enhancing the kitchen and living room can be a priority. Installing a feature island in the kitchen or high-quality built-ins in the living room not only serves functional purposes but also acts as central design elements that elevate the overall aesthetic of the home.

Conversely, for homeowners who work from home, investing in a well-designed study area that supports productivity can be more beneficial. This approach ensures that each renovation aspect adds practical value while aligning with personal use and enjoyment.

5-room HDB flats

The largest of the trio, 5-room flats, which provide around 110 square meters, can expect renovation costs to fall between $35,000 and $150,000. For renovations at this scale, homeowners might consider full-scale remodels, which could include altering the flat’s layout, upscale fixtures, and premium materials throughout the home.

contemporary kitchen with countertop and kitchen island
103 Clementi St 14 ($80,000) by Page Studio

5-room flats, with their more substantial size typically ranging from 110 to 130 square meters, provide vast opportunities for significant layout transformations. Homeowners can explore major structural changes that enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Here, a favoured modification is the merging of two bedrooms to create a larger master suite, complete with a luxurious walk-in wardrobe. This not only optimizes personal living space but makes the master bedroom feel more luxurious.

In addition to a walk-in wardrobe, another trend gaining popularity in Singapore is the inclusion of a dry kitchen. This area serves as a secondary space separate from the main kitchen, ideal for preparing drinks and snacks, or as a dedicated pantry area for dry goods.

A dry kitchen can also double as an informal dining or socializing area, making it extremely useful for entertaining guests without disrupting the activities in the main kitchen. This feature is especially appealing for its ability to keep everyday kitchen clutter out of sight and make the home more guest-friendly.

Maisonette HDB Flats

Maisonette flats, offering a unique two-story layout within the HDB context, typically provide between 140 to 160 square meters of living space. Renovation costs for these larger, more complex units can range from $50,000 to $200,000, depending on the extent and quality of renovations undertaken.

contemporary kitchen with countertop and vinyl flooring
351 Yishun ($120,000) by Elysian Design Studio

The dual-level structure of maisonette flats presents unique opportunities for dramatic, impactful renovations. Homeowners can consider substantial modifications like reconfiguring the staircase for better flow, creating distinct zones for different activities, or even introducing a double-height space to enhance the sense of openness.

One common renovation in maisonettes is the transformation of the upper floor into a more private family zone. This might include the expansion of bedrooms, the addition of en-suite bathrooms, or the creation of a family lounge area that separates private and social spaces effectively. These changes not only improve functionality but also allow for personalized touches that reflect the homeowners’ style and needs.

With the additional vertical space, maisonette owners often opt to enhance vertical connectivity and light penetration. This could involve installing skylights or large windows that draw in natural light, making the space feel larger and more inviting. Another popular feature is the integration of built-in storage solutions that utilize under-stair areas and other typically unused spaces, maximizing efficiency and reducing clutter.

modern entryway with mirror and staircase
857 Tampines ($200,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

Factors influencing renovation costs

While we’ve provided a range of figures for renovating different sized HDB flats above, these are rough estimates, and actual costs vary depending on many factors.

Scope of renovation

The scope of renovation is a crucial factor in determining the overall cost.

Simple cosmetic updates such as repainting walls or replacing old fixtures tend to be on the lower end of the cost spectrum. These changes can refresh the look of a flat without requiring extensive labor or expensive materials.

However, more extensive renovations, such as the demolition of walls to create an open floor plan, or the addition of new rooms, involve a higher level of complexity. These changes often require architectural input, additional permits, and more intensive labor, which significantly increases the total cost.

Moreover, structural modifications can uncover additional issues such as electrical or plumbing that need to be addressed to comply with current building codes, further driving up costs.

Material costs

The choice of materials plays a significant role in the overall expenditure of a renovation project.

Basic materials like laminate for countertops or vinyl for flooring are cost-effective and can still offer durability and an appealing aesthetic.

On the other hand, opting for high-end materials such as granite countertops or hardwood flooring can substantially increase the renovation budget. These materials not only cost more per square foot but may also require special installation and maintenance, adding to the long-term costs.

Design preferences

Personal design preferences significantly influence renovation costs.

Here, homeowners opting for a bespoke interior design will likely face higher costs. Custom designs often require unique materials and skilled craftsmanship, increasing both material and labor costs.

For instance, a custom-built kitchen island designed to fit specific dimensions and equipped with high-end finishes such as marble and custom cabinetry will be much more expensive than standard solutions. Moreover, the desire for branded fixtures and appliances can also escalate the budget considerably.

While tailored designs and high-quality materials enhance the comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of the home, they do require a higher initial investment.

contemporary kitchen with kitchen island and open kitchen
Tampines Street 62 ($100,000) by Concrid Interior

Why are renovation costs for HDB flats so high these days?

Over the past few years, homeowners have witnessed a significant increase in the cost of renovating HDB flats. Several factors contribute to this upward trend, each influencing how much homeowners are willing to spend on turning their HDB into a dream home.

Post-COVID economic impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has had long-lasting effects on global supply chains and labor markets, which have directly impacted renovation costs. Shortages of materials and the increased cost of imports have pushed up prices. Additionally, the labor market has tightened, with skilled workers in higher demand, thereby increasing labor costs across the board.

Changing homeownership attitudes

There is a noticeable shift in how homeowners perceive their HDB flats these days. With many intending to live in their homes long-term rather than selling them after the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), there’s a growing willingness to invest in higher-quality renovations.

Homeowners may now view their HDB flat not just as a temporary residence but as a long-term home, which justifies a higher initial investment in its design and functionality.

Cultural shifts in home ownership

The modern Singaporean homeowner has a different attitude towards home renovations compared to previous generations.

Inspired by home tour videos on platforms like YouTube and the broader influence of social media, there is a strong desire to create a space that truly reflects personal style and lifestyle needs.

This cultural shift towards personalization has led to increased spending on renovations, where homeowners are now more likely to invest in bespoke designs, luxury materials, and high-end appliances to make their space uniquely theirs.

Investment in quality and aesthetics

Today, there is also a greater emphasis on quality and aesthetics, which has influenced spending behaviors. Many homeowners are willing to invest in premium renovations that promise durability, enhanced functionality, and aesthetic appeal. This willingness is often motivated by the belief that investing in quality upgrades can significantly increase the value of their property and improve their quality of life.

contemporary kitchen with homogeneous tiles and herringbone tiling
Clementi NorthArc ($150,000) by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Cost-saving tips for HDB renovations

When planning a renovation, it’s essential to strike a balance between your budget and the improvements that will most enhance your home’s value and your enjoyment of it.

This strategic approach requires prioritizing tasks that offer the greatest return on investment or significantly improve your living experience. For instance, bedroom and bathroom updates typically offer the best return due to their importance in daily life.

To manage costs effectively, choosing materials that provide durability and good value is crucial.

Materials such as quartz for countertops can mimic the aesthetic of more expensive options like granite but often come at a lower price and with less maintenance. Similarly, modern vinyl flooring options can offer the look of real wood and the durability necessary for high-traffic areas at a fraction of the cost.

For those who are handy or willing to learn, tackling some of the work as DIY projects can further reduce costs.

Simple tasks like painting or even more ambitious projects like tiling can be done without professional help, saving on labour costs. There are numerous resources available, from online tutorials to workshops offered by local hardware stores, that can equip you with the skills needed to perform these tasks effectively.

By handling some aspects of the renovation yourself, you maintain control over the timeline and expenses, which can help keep your budget in check while still achieving significant improvements in your home.

A final word on renovating your HDB flat in 2024

Renovating an HDB flat in 2024 requires careful planning and budget management.

By understanding the factors that influence costs and exploring ways to save, homeowners can make informed decisions that align with both their financial constraints and lifestyle preferences.

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