5-Room HDB Flats: Design Ideas To Utilise In A 5-Room Flat

5-Room HDB Flats: Design Ideas To Utilise In A 5-Room Flat
April 27, 2023 hometrust

5-Room HDB Flats: Design Ideas To Utilise In A 5-Room Flat

5-room flats are the largest flats you can get (save for executive flats and mansionettes, but these are a lot rarer to find).

So if you’ve got a 5-room flat, the good news is – you’ve got plenty of space to play around with!

Should you hack your walls and do a walk-in wardrobe?

Should you prioritize your kitchen and build a big island?

Or should you splash out on your bathroom and get the his & hers sinks that you always see on Pinterest?

In this article, we’ve rounded up a series of 5-room flats that you can reference for inspiration.

Read on to find out more!

1. This 5-Room Flat That Embodies The Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

country living room with vinyl flooring and tv console
Choa Chu Kang 296 ($70,000) by Mr Designer Studio

This gorgeous 5-room flat is built around the modern farmhouse aesthetic, with exposed beams on the ceiling.

As pretty as they are, we wouldn’t recommend exposed beams for, say, a 3-room flat – because these eat into your space, lowering your ceiling and making the space feel smaller.

For a 5-room flat, however, you can definitely get away with it!

2. This 5-Room Flat That Gives Us Japandi Vibes

scandinavian living room with vinyl flooring and feature wall
Punggol Way 265C ($65,000) by Mr Designer Studio

This 5-room flat is clean, sleek, and exceptionally welcoming.

The entire flat is decked out in white and warm-toned wood, which is a classic choice, and the living room looks all the more spacious because it’s not crowded with too many pieces of furniture.

3. This 5-Room Flat That Comes With A Home Gym

scandinavian home gym with seating bench and gym equipment
635A Senja Road ($40,000) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

Ever dreamed of having your very own home gym? With a 5-room flat, it’s definitely doable!

Simply convert one of your bedrooms into your very own gym – add appropriate cushioning on the floor, plus a few mirrors, and finally, bring in your equipment.

4. This 5-Room Flat That Has Its Own Walk-in Wardrobe

scandinavian walk in wardrobe with mirror and wardrobe
Joo Seng Green ($55,000) by Mr Shopper Studio

Always wanted to have a dedicated space where you can get dressed in comfort?

Now you can do just that – by converting one of your bedrooms into a walk-in wardrobe!

Walk-in wardrobes are typically customised, although you might be able to find modular wardrobe configurations that you can fit together to achieve a system that makes sense for you.

Everyone’s needs are different, so do an audit of your clothes (how much do you have? Do you have more hanging pieces or more folded pieces? Do you need a separate space for bags and accessories?) before you start designing your wardrobe.

5. This 5-Room Flat With A Kitchen Built For Entertaining

https www.hometrust.sgphotoss515 choa chu kang9227country room
515 Choa Chu Kang ($80,000) by DB Studio Pte Ltd

With a 5-room flat, you’ve got plenty of space to configure your kitchen based on your needs.

Do you prefer a standalone kitchen, so that the fumes and noise don’t travel?

Do you prefer an open kitchen, with a big kitchen counter where you can host your guests?

If you can’t quite make up your mind, another option is to have a kitchen with folding glass panels – that way, you can choose between enclosing them or leave them open.

Doing some heavy cooking before your dinner party? Keep the panels closed.

Once your guests start streaming in and you want to be able to talk to everyone and mingle, open up the panels and you’re all set!

6. This 5-Room Flat That Has Multiple Storage Options

contemporary living room with tv console and feature wall
335A Anchorvale Cresent ($40,000) by Mr Designer Studio

Got a lot of stuff, and need some place to store it?

With a 5-room flat, you can have the luxury of having multiple storage options – including some that are purely functional, and some that are decorative.

In this project, for example, there are display shelves that are built into the TV console, so that the owner can show off his collection of alcohol. Pretty neat, huh?

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