6 Projects That Show How Lighting Can Accentuate And Transform A Space

6 Projects That Show How Lighting Can Accentuate And Transform A Space
August 22, 2022 hometrust

6 Projects That Show How Lighting Can Accentuate And Transform A Space

You know how they say that when it comes to photography, good lighting is key?

The same goes for interior design – good lighting can accentuate a room, hide its flaws, and give it that “wow” factor that it might otherwise be missing. Check out these projects that show how important lighting is!

1. This Beautifully Lit Entrance Way

contemporary entryway with mirror and seating bench 1
Pasir Ris 553C ($60,000) by Mr Designer Studio

How do you instantly make your entrance way cooler than everyone else’s? By adding a lighted mirror, of course!

We love a design feature that scores on both functionality and aesthetics – and this one does just that. Functionality-wise, the extra lighting will come in handy when you’re doing last minute OOTD checks before you leave the house. Aesthetics-wise, the mirror also serves to beautify your entrance way.

2. This Recessed Display Shelf Complete With Lights

scandinavian living room with bookshelf and vinyl flooring
Jalan Ayer 115 ($60,000) by Mr Designer Studio

When you’ve got a collection and you want to showcase it, we say go all out. By adding extra lighting to your shelving or display case, you’re giving your collectibles all the attention that they deserve.

3. This Living Room Complete With Dramatic Downlights

contemporary living room with homogeneous tiles and tv console 1
HDB BTO at Northshore Drive ($50,000) by De Style Interior Pte Ltd

Do you prefer dramatic, focused lights or diffused, softer lighting?

In this case, we think the dramatic lights work – they bring out the warm tones of the living room beautifully, and add visual interest to the space.

4. This Window Nook Complete With Led Strip

contemporary living room with lighting and led strip
HDB BTO at Northshore Drive ($50,000) by De Style Interior Pte Ltd

We love the sleekness of this nook, and how this is further emphasized by the LED strip running parallel on the carpentry. Can you imagine how gorgeous this area will look at nighttime, with the LED light framing the window?

5. The Opulent-looking Wall Sconce In This Bedroom

contemporary bedroom with vinyl flooring and bedside table
Tampines Greenverge 624 ($50,000) by Mr Designer Studio

With this bedroom, it looks like the homeowners were going for a posh, luxurious look – and the beautiful looking wall sconce definitely pulls the look together.

This is a great example of how lights can be a focal point of a room. If you want a quick, easy way of adding a statement piece – switch up your lights!

6. The Led Lights In This Minimalist Bedroom

scandinavian bedroom with queen bed and bed
Alkaff Crescent ($37,000) by Met Interior

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this bedroom that’s clearly all about the minimal aesthetic.

Here, it looks like they’ve got LED lights installed to achieve a cove lighting effect with the bed. This really serves to reinforce the stripped back, barebones look.

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