3-Room HDB Flats: Design Ideas For A Cozy 3-Room Flat (Part 2)

3-Room HDB Flats: Design Ideas For A Cozy 3-Room Flat (Part 2)
April 26, 2023 hometrust

3-Room HDB Flats: Design Ideas For A Cozy 3-Room Flat (Part 2)

Staying in a 3-room flat? Compared to bigger apartments, you’ll have less space to work with – that much is obvious.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make use of smart design to ensure that you can maximise the space that you do have, and make your home as livable as possible.

In this article, we’ve rounded up yet more 3-room flats that you can reference for inspiration.

Read on to find out more!

(PS: If you haven’t seen part one of this article, check it out here!)

1. This 3-Room Flat At Sembawang

modern dining room with chandelier and dining table 3
Sembawang | EastDelta ($34,000) by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

If you want to make your space look bigger, here are two sure-fire ways to do just that:

  • Use half walls instead of full walls
  • Use mirrors

This project uses both these methods to great effect!

2. This 3-Room Flat In Ang Mo Kio

contemporary dining room with drop ceiling and downlights
455B Ang Mo Kio ($35,000) by Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Pte Ltd

Who says you can’t have a spacious living/dining space in a 3-room flat?

With this project, you get a sizeable living room that’s not claustrophobic at all – because the owners made the call to knock down one of the bedrooms and combine it with the living space.

3. This 3-Room Flat In Sengkang

scandinavian living room with bay window and sofa
462 Sengkang West Way ($46,000) by Weiken.com Design Pte Ltd

Want to use glass to open up your space, but don’t want your guests to be able to peep right into your bedroom?

One clever solution is to use ribbed glass, reeded glass or other translucent materials – this will make your place look more spacious, but still maintain some level of privacy.

4. This 3-Room Flat At Kang Ching Road

industrial kitchen with homogeneous tiles and kitchen island
Kang Ching Road Blk 346 ($24,000) by Mr Designer Studio

With a 3-room flat, chances are you won’t be able to fit a kitchen island in the space.

What you can do, however, is to build a slim peninsula (this is similar to a kitchen island, but one side of it is attached to a wall, like what you see above).

You get a cozy nook where you can have your meals or entertain guests, all within a small space!

5. This 3-Room Flat At Bedok North

country living room with tv console and carpet
3 Room BTO @ Bedok North Road ($43,000) by Space Atelier Pte Ltd

Want to keep your space looking neat and minimal, and don’t want a TV to ruin the aesthetics of your living room?

You can keep your TV out of sight by building custom carpentry – in this project, for example, the cabinet drawers pull apart to reveal a TV that’s hidden within the cabinet.

6. This 3-Room Flat At Queenstown

contemporary bedroom with platform bed and cove lighting
Strathmore ( Forfar Heights ) ($32,000) by Le Interi Design

If you have limited space and have to deal with odd angles, it’s all the more important to come up with space-maximising solutions.

One thing you can do is to use custom carpentry – this will let you get the most out of your space, even if you have plenty of odd angles in your room.

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