6 Ways To Spruce Up And Style Your Space With Mirrors (Part Two)

6 Ways To Spruce Up And Style Your Space With Mirrors (Part Two)
March 12, 2024 hometrust

6 Ways To Spruce Up And Style Your Space With Mirrors (Part Two)

A mirror doesn’t have to be a purely functional object – it can be a way of styling and decorating your space too.

In this article, we’ll showcase 6 more ways of sprucing up your space and adding visual interest with mirrors (read part one of the article here!)

1. This Regal Art Deco Mirror

scandinavian bathroom with mirror and bathroom storage 2
220 Depot Road ($150,000) by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

How gorgeous does this art deco mirror look?

This is a perfect example of how a mirror can be a statement piece and add an air of elegance and sophistication to your space.

2. This Mirror With Led Lighting

contemporary bathroom with mirror and display cabinets
Tampines Greendew ($70,000) by Elysian Design Studio

Mirrors with LED lighting are nothing new but we love the combination of a rounded mirror + LED lighting reflecting off onto the tiles at the back.

It’s a little bit unexpected and adds a modern twist to a classic concept.

3. This Paneled Mirror

asian living room with tv console and mirror
602 Clementi West St 1 ($49,800) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

Consistency is the key in this space.

Notice how the black paneled mirror mimics the black glass doors, creating a harmonious visual rhythm.

4. This Retro Looking Mirror

vintage bathroom with mirror and bathroom mirrors
Sin Ming ($78,000) by Free Space Intent

We absolutely love how this vintage mirror complements the rest of the space. Its timeless charm effortlessly blends with the room’s aesthetic adding a touch of nostalgia and character.

5. This Irregularly Shaped Mirror

minimalist bathroom with mirror and bathroom mirrors
9 Joo Seng Road ($90,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

This bathroom is undoubtedly simple and minimalist but not in the usual way you’d expect. We love how the unconventional shape of the mirror introduces an element of artistic asymmetry in the space.

6. This Wall-to-Wall Tinted Mirror

contemporary living room with bookshelf and mirror
91B Jalan Satu ($48,000) by The Design Scientists

Tinted mirrors are more subtle than regular mirrors and they can add a degree of sophistication and moodiness in the space. Utilising large wall-to-wall mirrors also helps to open up your space making it look much bigger.

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