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    industrial dining room with cement floor and feature wall

    All You Need To Know About Concrete Floors, Walls & More

    If you’re a fan of the industrial look, one of the design elements that’s heavily associated with this look is… concrete floors and walls!

    In this article, we discuss the different types of concrete floors, walls, and furniture, and tell you what you need to know before committing to using concrete in your home.

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    noise cancelling headphones

    Keeping Noise At Bay: How To Stop Noise From Coming Into Your Home

    No matter what it is, we can all agree that it’s annoying when it’s too noisy at home. In this article, we’ll teach you several methods that you can use to block out noise at home.

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    diy painting

    How To Prepare For A Major Renovation

    Renovations are a hassle to deal with – but if you’re well-prepared and organized, this can make the process more manageable and less painful.

    In this article, we share 9 things that you can do in order to prep for a major renovation. Read on to find out more!

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    empty home pre renovation

    How To Renovate Your Home To Increase Your Resale Value

    If you know that you’re selling your home soon, you probably wouldn’t want to sink too much money into renovating it.

    At the same time, you’ll also want to plan your renovations strategically, to increase your resale value if possible.

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    minimalist dining room with cove lighting and ceiling light

    Renovation Permits: What You Need A Permit For And How It Works

    You buy an HDB flat, renovate it so that it looks like the home of your dreams, and live happily ever after. Sounds amazing, right?

    Here’s what many first-time homeowners don’t realize: you can’t just renovate your home and build willy-nilly.

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    child proofing design

    Safety First: How To Baby-Proof And Child-Proof Your Home

    For folks who have babies and toddlers at home, you can’t take anything for granted. Pretty much anything and everything can be a hazard to curious babies, who don’t understand the art of self-preservation.

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    ageing singapore

    How To Renovate Your Home To Accommodate Aging Parents

    When you have young kids at home, you child-proof your home – this is a concept that we’re all familiar with.

    How about when you have aging parents at home? The same thing goes – you’ll want to design your home such that it’s safe and conducive to your parents’ everyday living!

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    interior designer sketch

    All You Need To Know About Hiring An Interior Designer

    For folks who are planning to renovate their homes, the very first decision you’ll have to make is: do you want to hire an interior designer (ID), or a contractor?

    Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to work with a contractor, but a contractor’s scope of work is also limited. Unlike IDs, they don’t take care of certain aspects, such as design work and conceptualisation.

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    smart home mobile

    How To Set Up A Smart Home That Works For You

    These days, smart home technology is more advanced than ever, and furnishing your home with the right products and devices can make life drastically easier. In this mega guide, we walk you through all you need to know about smart homes.

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    scandinavian living room with tv console and curtain

    Thrifting For Furniture: The Ultimate Guide To Buying Secondhand Furniture

    But you know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    In this guide, we walk you through the pros of buying second-hand furniture, tips to keep in mind, and where to buy second-hand furniture in Singapore. Let’s dive right in!