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How To Reject Interior Designers
October 3, 2017 hometrust

How To Reject Interior Designers

Everybody knows rejection is hard to take, but few people understand rejection can be hard to dish out.

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When it comes to finally getting down to selecting your interior designer, tough choices have to be made. Chances are, you will have to say no to multiple interior designers, most of which have spent time and effort discussing your project. People who are generally nice find it difficult to reject others, especially so if that person has been nice to you. Rejection is usually seen as brutal in many situations, but there are benefits of rejecting an interior designer early if you are certain he is not the right one for your project.

Be Direct

Being completely upfront about rejecting an interior designer is always good advice. If you have already made up your mind, state your reason clearly the reason why you have decided not to go with him/her. Most interior designers, if not all, are accustomed to rejection in the sales trade, so you do not have to be unduly embarrassed at rejecting anyone. After all, renovations are expensive projects and the customer has every right to pick whoever he thinks can do the best job for the buck.

Being direct about your decision early allows both parties to move on. It can even be argued that it would be only fair to reject an interior designer when you have to, instead of offering false hope. Avoid saying something like “Let me get back to you in a few weeks” if you have already made up your mind.

Give Feedback

You may not realize this, but any reasonable interior designer will prefer that you let them know the exact what made you choose another company instead. Good interior designers are constantly striving to improve themselves, and will take rejections as opportunities to reflect on ways to improve their service. A useful way of offering objective feedback is to state clearly both the strengths and weaknesses of the interior designer you think possesses. Running through your assessment of the interior designer will also provide you greater clarity and confidence to move on with the one you have decided to engage.


Rejection does not always have to involve any hard feelings. Showing your sincere appreciation to an interior designer who has invested time and effort to serve you is a nice gesture that would not cost you anything to do.

Be nice, and good luck for your renovation!

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