6 Homes That Embody The Quiet Luxury Trend

6 Homes That Embody The Quiet Luxury Trend
May 23, 2024 hometrust

6 Homes That Embody The Quiet Luxury Trend

Quiet Luxury is essentially a refined, pared back approach to traditional luxury.

Instead of gold chandeliers dripping with gemstones, think minimalist side tables with gold accents.

Instead of ornate, heavily upholstered sofas, think sleek sofas in good quality fabrics.

In this article, we’ll showcase 6 homes that embody the Quiet Luxury trend, for your inspiration.

1. This Living Room That’s Magazine-Worthy

contemporary living room with homogeneous tiles and feature wall
215 Compass Vale Street ($45,000) by Mr Designer Studio

There aren’t any ostentatious displays of wealth in this living room, but each item in the space is thoughtful and intentional.

With Quiet Luxury, you’ll want to focus on quality over quantity.

Instead of filling your space with flashy items, choose high-quality pieces that are well-crafted and have a timeless elegance.

2. This Home Where Everything Fits Just Right

modern living room with tv console and staircase
14 Pavilion Place ($215,805) by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

In any home (but especially Quiet Luxury ones), the sense of scale and proportion is key.

If you have furniture or home decor pieces that are too large or too small, this can make the room feel imbalanced, and the space might feel tacky rather than luxurious.

In this home, everything down to the rug and the artwork on the wall is sized just right for the space – making the space feel elegant and sophisticated.

3. This Living Room That’s Beautifully Pared Back

modern living room with tv console and feature wall
857 Tampines ($200,000) by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

In the world of Quiet Luxury, less is more.

By focusing on a few statement pieces (such as a leather lounge chair) in your living room, you can make the space feel much more elegant and expensive.

4. This (Other) Living Room That’s Beautifully Pared Back

modern living room with sofa and side table
Parc Esta ($72,000) by Met Interior

Continuing in the same vein of less is more, check out this stunning living room.

Your eyes immediately go to the statement lighting, which serve to accentuate and play up the high ceilings.

The rest of the space is kept minimal, so that there aren’t any other items competing for your attention.

5. This Home That’s Just The Right Amount Of Trendy

contemporary living room with wood flooring and bay window
HDB BTO at Northshore Drive ($70,000) by De Style Interior Pte Ltd

Quiet luxury and trends don’t typically go hand-in-hand – while trends may come and go, quiet luxury is about timeless elegance.

However, this home beautifully balances both worlds by incorporating a trendy piece (the irregularly shaped coffee table) while still maintaining the essence of quiet luxury.

We’re impressed! 😉

6. This Bathroom That Looks Like It Could Belong In Any High-End Hotel

modern bathroom with countertop and wood flooring
Margaret Drive 2 ($35,000) by MYD Pleasant Home Design

How do you translate Quiet Luxury into a bathroom?

Simple – incorporate different textures, focus on the details, and again, keep to the “less is more” adage.

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