6 Ways To Use Fluted Panels For Those Who Love Clean, Sleek Lines

6 Ways To Use Fluted Panels For Those Who Love Clean, Sleek Lines
August 3, 2022 hometrust

6 Ways To Use Fluted Panels For Those Who Love Clean, Sleek Lines

Fluted panels are all the rage these days – and we can see why! This design element is sleek, modern, and an easy way of adding a touch of sophistication to a space.

In this article, we share 6 ways that you can use fluted panels throughout your home.

1. As Part Of A Feature Wall In Your Entryway

265c punggol way scandinavian
Punggol Way 265C ($65,000) by Mr Designer Studio

The most common place you’ll find this design element is in entryways. Fluted panels are a great option here – they help beautify the space, and hide your clutter at the same time.

2. As A Room Divider

335a anchorvale crescent entryway
335A Anchorvale Cresent ($40,000) by Mr Designer Studio

Another way you can use fluted panels is as a room divider. The clean, sleek lines add more visual interest to the space, as opposed to just using a boring, blank wall.

3. As Part Of Your Bed

minimalist bedroom with bookshelf and vinyl flooring
402 Fernvale ($50,000) by Ideology Interior

This one’s pretty unique – bet you haven’t seen fluted panels as part of a bed before! We love this particular design – it even has power points and light switches strategically located on the bed frame itself.

4. As A Seating Bench

contemporary entryway with mirror and seating bench
289D Punggol Place ($100,000) by Elysian Design Studio

Another creative way to use fluted panels… incorporate it into your seating bench! This bench you see above cleverly juxtaposes the clean lines of the fluted panels against the wavy design of the bench, adding a touch of whimsy to the space.

5. As Part Of Your Kitchen Island

scandinavian kitchen with countertop and vinyl flooring
Bidadari Park Dr Blk 104C ($50,000) by Mr Designer Studio

Fluted panels on your kitchen island? Why not? This particular design is recessed so it accommodates seating as well. Seeing as the rest of the kitchen is kept fairly plain and simple, the fluted panels on the island are definitely a focal point.

6. As Part Of Your Wardrobe

minimalist bedroom with feature wall and wardrobe
Tanglin Halt ($55,000) by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

Another feature wall, but this time in the bedroom! This design helps to conceal your wardrobe, and hide your clothes away. This would work beautifully with a regular wardrobe, and also with a larger walk-in space.

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