The 5 Best Holiday Gifts For New Homeowners 2023

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts For New Homeowners 2023
December 1, 2023 hometrust

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts For New Homeowners 2023

The holiday season has arrived and friends are moving into their new cosy nests. Now and then, you hear comments on the spaciousness of their parents’ homes, and how modern new homes are getting smaller.

It’s no secret that living spaces are getting increasingly compact. Homes now serve multiple purposes: they are our offices, our nurseries, and our retreats.

To adapt to living in smaller spaces, bringing the right items home is paramount.

In this guide, we share the 5 best holiday gifts for new homeowners that are multi-purpose and versatile, perfect for the modern home.

If you are visiting a friend’s new home this holiday, these gifts will make you a hero.

P.S Feel free to brag how you spend hours researching for these perfect home gifts, we promise we won’t tell.

Dreame H12 Pro Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

dreame h12 pro 1
Switch between three modes for versatile cleaning

A clean home is a happy home. Most of us would probably agree that a vacuum cleaner is the most essential cleaning tool we require, followed by wet cleaning needs.

So why not combine both into a single device?

The Dreame H12 Pro is not just a vacuum cleaner; it’s a comprehensive cleaning solution for modern homes. Its combination of wet and dry cleaning capabilities makes it perfect for handling everyday messes and spills.

dreame h12 pro 2
Wet mess? Dry mess? Bye, mess!

With three cleaning modes, it caters to a variety of cleaning needs, from light dusting to deep cleaning.

The self-cleaning function ensures the brush remains hygienic, and its hot-air drying feature keeps it ready for the next use. The noise-optimized design is a thoughtful addition, minimizing disturbance that especially gets easily amplified in small living spaces.

At 4.9kg this all-in-one cleaning device is not the lightest out there, but it certainly gets the job done for maintaining a clean and healthy home environment.

Oh, do you know it also cleans itself after use? Now that’s what we call an all-in-one cleaning device.

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Dreame H12 Pro Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Eliminate dirt, dust, debris, hair, spills, and grime with powerful scrubbing and robust suction. A high-speedbrushless motor allows H12 Pro to wipe the floor 520 times per minute to remove messes quickly and easily.

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MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress

mongze mattress 3
Save your lower back with MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress

Is it a bed, a mattress, or a topper? The MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress is all these and more.

Need to firm up your bed’s mattress with some needed ventilation in Singapore’s tropical weather? The MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress got you covered. Their innovative AIRNET™️ material is ventilated, non-absorbent and best of all, fully washable.

Have a guest over for the night? It transforms from a compact storage item to a comfortable sleeping area in seconds. Talk about a party trick.

Does the new baby in the house need a safe area to roll about? Bring out this modular mattress and the babies are ready to rock and roll. Heck, stack them up or even line them along the walls for additional baby-safety coverage.

mongze mattress 1
Transform any area into a comfortable and hygienic surface

These mattresses are not going to replace your bed mattress anytime soon, but their hassle-free setup transforms any area into a comfortable and hygienic surface. The foldable design means it can be stored away when not in use, saving precious space in small homes.

What’s best? They come in all standard sizes from Single to King, so regardless of your needs and preferences, the MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress got you covered.

Your personal chiropractor 24/7

For additional lifestyle enhancement, how does a 24/7 personal chiropractor sound?

At 10 minutes a day, the Klug Stretching Massager will stretch every inch of your spine at the touch of a button.

Upon completing the stretch session, it folds up into a compact package that can be tucked almost everywhere. Now who needs those bulky massaging chairs?

Warning: you might find your parents secretly hogging it for their post-Majong therapy.

mongze mattress cover

MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress

Enjoy the ultimate breathability and temperature regulation with exceptional air circulation features of MONGZE while avoiding allergens and dust mites that might bother you.

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Klug Stretching Massager

At just 1/10 the price of a massage chair, Klug delivers a full body stretching massage that will stretch every inch of your spine.

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HyggeB Ori Bamboo Signature Sheet Set

bamboo sheetes
OriBamboo is designed to be insanely soft compared to departmental-sheets

We spend an average of 8 hours daily in our beds, probably more if we add the hours of on-bed Netflix-ing or doom-scrolling. That is a significant duration of our lives in bed.

Therefore the contact surfaces between our body and our bed should not be taken lightly. Like the food we put into our body, our skin should be feeling the best sheets always.

HyggeB OurSheets Hero Oribamboo d95c851d 596c 411f bd54 22e26b939805
Transform any area into a comfortable and hygienic surface

The Ori Bamboo Signature Sheet Set is a luxurious addition to any bedroom.

Made with 100% organic OriBamboo™️, these sheets are silky smooth, hypoallergenic, and have a cooling effect for a comfortable sleep. Their ultra-fine yarn threads make them incredibly soft, and they’re easy to care for, which is a plus for busy homeowners​​.

The limited colour selection might not be for everyone, however the base colours should have no issues complimenting majority of the common interior styles (yes, we checked 39,000 photos on Hometrust to be sure).

And yes booster lovers, the HyggeB Ori Bamboo Signature Sheet got you covered too. Now you can sleep in peace knowing you have matching covers from head to toe, all in an organic, smooth, cooling and hypoallergenic package.

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HyggeB Ori Bamboo Signature Sheet Set

The cooling effect of breathable bamboo fibers help to regulate your body temperature for a good night sleep, and hypoallergenic properties is free from harmful chemicals, lifesaver for the sensitive skin.

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OMNIDESK Classic Adjustable Desk

omnidesk classic singapore
Rounded edges and an overall cleaner profile for a sleek modern desk aesthetic

Covid is over (Or is it really?) but the days of work-from-home are here to stay. Can we imagine the days of the past before adjustable desks were invented? We honestly believe that all-day sitting is one of Singapore’s top silent killers.

If a home’s small floor area allows for only one work desk, we demand it to be more than just a desk. It better be getting our groceries and making us organic juice.

classic 1
Compact size (just 60cm width) but monster features

Well the good news is the Omnidesk Classic is more than just a desk; it’s a flexible workspace solution tailored for modern homes.

It’s stability and sleek design, complete with a touchscreen controller and built-in cable management, make it an attractive and practical addition to any room​​.

The ability to adjust the height from 60cm to 120cm allows everyone from the young kids to grandma to find a height that works. (yes, we are campaigning for family adjustable desk sharing).

USB C Edited
USB C charging at your finger tips
Bluetooth 3 Edited
Your familiar and trustable OMNIDESK controller

Best of all, it comes in 6 sizes, allowing that perfect size for all individual’s needs. Want the most compact setup? The smallest 122cm table top allows two of these to be fitted side by side even in HDB’s smallest bedroom (Trust us, we checked).

Looking for a boss setup? The XL comes in at a generous 183cm. Legend says some can even use it as a bed. Jokes aside, we reckon just one of this beast would satisfy most couple’s combined desk space requirements. (Well they might have to agree on when to stand together)

omnidesk accessories
Huge selection of OMNIDESK add-ons to enhance the work experience

The huge selection of Omnidesk’s endless customizable options of add-ons might induce some choice overloading for first-time owners. However, with the right combination of Castor wheels, desk organisers, power and cable management system, we now have an adjustable desk that transforms into a mobile work beast that roams freely within every corner of the home. Never had we seen a desk so sturdy move this elegantly.

While the desk still can’t buy us groceries, using a quality adjustable desk is proven to add years to our life span, and that is as good as getting organic juice every day.

If your compact home needs a desk, it might as well be the one that does it all.

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Omnidesk Classic Adjustable Desk

Small in size, big on features. Great value standing desk for a smaller-sized workspace with possibly the most advanced touchscreen controller.

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Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro

Honestly, we can’t recommend a TV. We just can’t do it.

A TV represents too much permanence. We have to hang it, which means having complex brackets and putting holes in fresh walls.

Or rest it on a TV console, which now a dedicated piece of furniture is needed just to hold up this black box of doom.

That is much commitment just to consume some pixels for dopamine.

IMAGE 2023 11 26 05:06:46
Free up your living space without a TV

However, a projector setup certainly offers a fresh perspective.

Not those that require more holes in the ceiling, but one that can be simply placed on a shelf or side table.

Viola, your living space just transformed into your private cinema. No more signing a lifetime contract with a “TV watching space”.

Simply place it on a side table
Access the entire library of YouTube, Netflix and more

For such, the Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro offers an innovative alternative to traditional TV setups.

Don’t get fooled by its compact size, this projector is built to deliver a quality imaging experience. It offers a large screen experience of up to 200 inches in compact spaces due to its 1.1:1 projection ratio​​.

Features like 1080p FHD resolution, 1300 ANSI Lumens, and omnidirectional auto-correction enhance the viewing experience​​. Its ultra-wide colour gamut and bring vivid, true-to-life colours​.

The dual 10W high-fidelity speakers create an immersive audio experience which can be doubled as speakers for background chill music when guests are over.

Best of all, it comes ready with Netflix, YouTube and all your entertainment essentials apps built right in. Just sign in your premium Netflix passes and you are ready to go.

mi pro 2

Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro

Delivered in a round-edged and elegant design, the Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro’s 4-channel Luminus LED light source with up to 1300 ANSI Lumens gives you clear sensory experience even during the daytime.

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If you are getting your new homeowner friends a gift this holiday, do them a favour and don’t clutter up their tiny homes.

Try one of these gifts that offers multifunctionality, space-saving design, and the ability to enhance the living experience in the modern compact home.

Products mentioned in this guide might be sponsored by their respective brands or retailers.