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Are those designers who camp at events trustable?

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Sally Teh
by Sally Teh

Hi fellow homeowners, i recently visited an ID event with my SO for our upcoming home reno, there seems to be 6 to 8 design companies there. Many of them have a few designers just sitting at their booth, waiting for homeowner to come. From what i heard from my friends most good ID firms are already short of manpower for this period till the next few months. If these firms are so free to have staff at events booth, does it mean that they are not as good? Hope to hear some opinions thanks

Joy Leong
by Joy Leong

I signed and up been to some of those events too, I found them quite a waste of time, only those few companies there who seemed just there to sell you their packages. Nothing much to compare too. Doing my research online seems more efficient, not just limited to these companies at the event and save more time too.

Sally Teh
by Sally Teh

Thanks Joy, I will be dropping by an event this weekend. Will update again. Hope it is not disappointing (or time wasting)

Sally Teh
by Sally Teh

Dropped by an event at OUE last weekend. Was looking to explore more ideas with my partner for our flat. Collecting keys in about 5 months time. Not very impressed with the designers at the event. We were enquiring about how can we create a space that is suitable for WFH, with the flexibility of a baby room in the future. A couple of the designers mainly just ask us what we want, and what kind of materials or vibes we looking for. We would prefer the designers who are able to propose designs to me instead, I mean that is what they suppose to specialise in, no?


Personally I will not recommend designers from event la, if they are so free to sit there wait for you to come means probably their business not good. Currently manpower shortage still got time to sit there meh 😂

by Hondog88

Cannot recommend designer from events. Got a bad experience from engaging one from there. Reno been delayed like crazy. Can see my post here: https://www.hometrust.sg/forum/posts/interior-design-ideas/home-reno-keep-getting-delayed

by Gusty

Was at an event by qanvast last weekend too. Not productive. Designers a bit pushy to close. Would not recommend to join if don't like pushy sales.

by Pearlyn_Goh

With the rising number of covid cases that are hitting the thousand mark recently, I would not risk it to visit any live indoor events. Especially if there are upcoming mothers who are pregnant I think its probably safer to just stay home.

by SereneWee

Went to a downtown event last weekend... not a fan of being in enclosed aircon area for long periods of time with the rising number of covid cases. Meet 2 designers but feel a bit pushy with their packages. I prefer designers to take more time in understand my design requirements before they try to sell me their package. I mean this is why we choose an ID right? Otherwise just find contractor already

Grey Goose
by Grey Goose

Meet a few IDs few months ago as I thought my keys can be collected soon (but no, HDB delayed). Some were quite ok, knowledgeable and show nice photos of the houses they done previously. Still in contact with one of them from Design 4 space. Some others a bit too pushy, more of showing me their packages while i would prefer them to discuss according to my floor plans

by Dennis21

Seems like the general consensus for ID that go to events are not very good. I would believe it is quite true too since during my reno research I checked their reviews mostly are quite mediocre. Also considering the fact that currently with the shortage of manpower ID who have time to sit around in events must have some no so good reasons why they are lacking business and clients.

by LesterChew

Don't waste your time at these events. Any company who have resources and employee availability to hang out at these events probably are not a top choice by others. Solid firms that I have enquired with have a waiting time of at least 2 to 3 months ahead now, and some of the more popular designers need to wait even longer.

by Viper66

Went to one a couple of weeks before.. a total waste of time. Do not get fooled by all the freebies/vouchers/gifts they throw at you. It is not worth it. Spoke to a couple of IDs there, they don't seem very experienced. Came back to search for their companies and saw a bunch of negative reviews of bad workmanship. Not just one homeowner complained but a few. Was tempted to sign a package that seemed cheap but luckily did not proceed at that time as wife was hesitant.

by Hondog88

Please la popular designers are all busy on site or in office doing projects, where got time sit around at expo or shows waiting for homeowners to come. Most of the popular designers even have waiting list one.

Grace Lin
by Grace Lin

Went to a an event in town last month, not a fruitful experience. I brought my floor plans there, hoping that the IDs can show me some photos of their finished project similar to my floor plan. Looking for mid-modern design, not the standard minimalist style but still not a rare design style. The ID showed me a couple of renders that looking nothing mid-modern. Style, colors, furnishing everything is off. I told them thats not what i am looking for, showed a couple of photos that was saved in my phone, but then they showed my something different again, say after contract is signed they can provide renderings to my style. I honestly question if these are "designers" or "salesmen".

by Dustin

Registered for a couple of upcoming events.. but seemed like the firms at these events all the same few ones? Design 4 Space, Starry Home. But seemed like can claim some travel expense not bad to go just take a look even if not renovating.

Dexter Koh
by Dexter Koh

Well I got some free vouchers and a small taxi reimbursement for a weekend date spot with my partner at one of this events, so i can't complain! 😝 Even though we don't need an ID anytime soon haha

by VS

This is my experience from an ID signed from a event last year. Basically he has wrecked my home more than renovated it. I truly truly REGRET my decision to engage him as my ID. He is irresponsible, inexperienced, hardly shows up to check on the renovation, blames others for his mistakes and lied continuously. He lied the company was hdb approved when it was not when I was shortlisting ID.

When renovation work starts, he’s not interested in my renovation, his contractors were also not interested in doing the works so no one was looking after my home renovation. His contractors also did a half baked job with shoddy works and worksmanship, thereafter I also have problems with getting rectifications done.

From design, planning, materials, contractors works and the final outcome, was a situation of everything that could go wrong went wrong.

My home only required basic work on painting, plastering, and carpentry works so it wasn’t really comprehensive or difficult yet he couldn’t deliver but he told me he's very experienced. I had to even source for the laminates and materials on my own as he said he already searched the market where he tried to strong arm me 3 times to use the existing materials he has but they were not the color tones I was looking for and he even made me make a trip to his office to see the same inventory again, even when we have clearly indicated our decision.

I ended up with light switches that are too high for my entire house, too high to reach upper hung kitchen cabinets where I can’t reach, powerpoints placed at awkward angles hidden under my kitchen upp hung cabinet and I could only put items as storage that I don’t have frequent use which is wasted money. LED lighting only for 1 shelf where no lights are available for the multiple shelves and I have a few of such shelving in my master bedroom and walk-in closet room.

The carpenter had warned him but he just ignored it and didn’t address it with us. The plastering and painting wasn’t done well, lumps and uneven surfaces with dents. The flooring using marble gum where we had to spend additional money with a contractor to rectify it. He’s not sorry and thinks he’s not at fault, nonchalant of the problems he created in the home renovation as long as he has collected the money.

There are many problems he has permanently left behind and we had to live with which affects our lives daily. The problems mentioned here are not all the problems he has created but it’s too long list to write out everything. Till date, I’m waiting for rectifications for what could be salvaged for mostly easy to fix items left.

Was warned by the ID not to share their company name. But I think all new house owner should be beware of signing up for IDs at event. Decent ones are chopped up early and won't have time sitting around.

Tengah Pride
by Tengah Pride

Getting keys in the next couple of months and I have been enquiring IDs here since August. All the good IDs (Note: not just firm, i go ask for specific IDs within the firms after checking their projects) have mostly filled up the schedule till 1st to 2nd quarter of 2024.

Good IDs with real good rep get chopped up fast! Agree with some of the above who mentioned that steady IDs won't be sitting around in these kind of sell insurance type throw in free gifts events waiting for new customers one. They busy doing stuff at site lol

Kelvin Lim
by Kelvin Lim

Went to an event 2 months ago because we were collecting keys soon this year. Felt like a total waste of time.

Two of the IDs there I met does not seem very patient is understanding my requirements in-depth. Because I am looking to hack some walls and have some more complicated electrical requirements, I felt like they were trying to dissuade me into just not doing that and go for a conventional renovation design.

I did my research prior and knew that my requirements can be done, the vibe gotten felt like the ID just want to sell me a standardise design and move on.

Whats worse? 2 of the 4 IDs i met ghosted me. No news, no sounds or anything for more than a month since. How cool.

Stephanie Lin
by Stephanie Lin

Recently visited one at Just Co. Gotten the quotes in after a week. The quotes came in fast which is good. However the pricing is absolutely crazy. I selected an ID and their firm to discuss my project because they seemed to be reputable and have an extensive portfolio. However their quoted me 80K for my small 80sqm house WITHOUT FLOORING, WITHOUT ELECTRICALS and WITHOUT any work done for all common bed room and living.

My project only consists of 2 small BTO size bathrooms, the smallest kitchen (only 8m2), and some carpentry to conceal my bomb shelter, one wardrobe in the master. Thats all! In the end luckily I enquired with a few more IDs here and gotten more reasonable quotes, between 40K to 60K, and these includes flooring and false ceilings.

There is a reason why these IDs have so much spare time to sit around in this "events".


Are those designers who camp at events trustable?

Updated on 11 April 2021