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At Hometrust, we've created a community where members can read one another's home renovation reviews to assist in making renovation decisions.
The Hometrust community has a wealth of valuable experience, and homeowner should feel confident sharing their opinions. We believe every experience counts.

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Most Useful Reviews
Ideology Interior reviewer sam_tong
"Entering the realm of refined elegance, I embarked on a renovation journey with ID.Eology, guided by the creative vision of Donovan. Together, they orchestrated the transformation of my residence into a sanctuary where marble reigns supreme. In this review, I..."
SG Interior KJ reviewer li_yen_ho
Review of SG Interior KJ
"Our family is greatly blessed to embark on our first private home renovation with Fly Soh and Nicholas Heng from SG Interior KJ on board as our interior designers. Both of them first impressed us with their ability to comprehend our need for specific and p..."
The Interior Lab Pte Ltd reviewer PKH
"A Tribute to Sophia's Exceptional Interior Design Services TLDR: Our experience with Sophia from The Interior Lab was spectacular. For those with a clear vision of their dream home, Sophia can transform that dream into reality. We are delighted with our new..."
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Farhan mea
"Regular maintenance and attention to minor problems can save you time and money in the long run. I want to hire a company. https://ezi.servicesCan anyone here help me with their services? Do they provide the best services or not?Review please"
"Hi this might sound stupid, but I would like to ask how much does it usually cost? Nothing too fancy, just typical design. Anyone knows? Thanks."
Helmi C
"Seeking experts advice here. I just found out that the cut out on my kitchen cabinet is bigger, about 35mm more than the supposed dimension for the cooker hob. Is it ok, or do they need to fill up the 35mm gap before tabletop installation. Noob here, let me kn..."
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The Interior Lab Pte Ltd reviewer Eunice _
"We wanted something simple and aesthetically pleasing- minimalistic with a touch of scandi. Through Hometrust, I got to know about..."
D&I Design Interior reviewer cin_junku
"D&I design was not the first company we approached for pricing quote. Pricing and trusted company was our priority in our renovati..."
Ideology Interior reviewer umasankar_sambath
"Excellently exceeding expectations will be a good start to describe our home renovation journey with Ideology Interior. During the..."
Elysian Design Studio reviewer teck_kun
"Highly recommended ID firm! I was fortunate that Carvin was assigned by Elysian Design to be my ID. Honestly, I had a few lower..."
Areana Creation Pte Ltd reviewer Tong Peng
"My family is extremely elated with the final outcome of our new home which is in a dark modern theme. For the design, we worked wi..."