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BTO got delayed again

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Grey Goose
by Grey Goose

Anyone received letter from HDB that their BTO got delayed again? Just received a letter last week that mine is delayed another 3 to 6 months. Was suppose to collect key is 2022 Mar. Now is Jun to Sep.. sian af need to waste money to rent for longer. HDB give a lot of long written excuses of their failure to deliver. Read already also sian. Damn disappointed by them.

Was already in talks with ID to start renovation once collected. Now need to rediscussed and nego with them. My ID say if delay the reno there is a possibility that the cost will rise too due to inflation. Anyone facing same issues?

Sally Teh
by Sally Teh

My friend's Bidaddri BTO got delayed by more than a year. Pushed back multiple times. They have to rent for a year which ended up in quite some expenses. Shouldn't contractors be penalised for delivering the product late? We pay so much for our flats and end up still subjected to whatever deliveries dates the contractors and HDB throw at us.

by Pakoball

My friend told me her BTO got delayed again, suppose to be end of the year but pushed back another few months. They live with in-laws for more than 2 years already going to cannot take it. Need to fork our expenses to rent now.

BTO got delayed again

Updated on 19 December 2021