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Condo kitchen relocation

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Mandy Wong
by Mandy Wong

Hi all, i am thinking of shifting the existing kitchen in the condo to the living room to have an open concept big kitchen, but that means i have to relocate the sink beyond the original kitchen floor area. Is there any renovation restriction for this that i need to be aware of? Anyone has done this previously and can share ur experience and which id u worked with?

Esther Lye
by Esther Lye

Hi Mandy, don't think that there are any restrictions on that as long as the plumbing works for the sink can be worked for the shifting. In fact these days there are many condo floor plans with the kitchen area and living area as one fused area

emma Tan
by emma Tan

I agree, as long as the plumbing is fine, it works. But also see that the area is open enough and can accommodate plugs or electrical appliances. I also know someone who did this and were also able to save some bills on utilities by switching to green energy, you can maybe try that too

Condo kitchen relocation

Updated on 19 December 2022