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Dilemma regarding space management

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Blossom Lian
by Blossom Lian

Hi. I currently have a dilemma of space management in my new home. it is a small studio but i would like to carve out spaces for mainly 3 areas: private bedroom area, dining area, entertainment bar area. The layout is around 10 x 5m of space to work with, I need some advice and opinion for the space. What is a good ratio of space to allocate for each function without feeling too cramped? I am intending to make use of a variety of partition through furniture placements, and possibly curtains for spatial demarcation. Thanks!


Do you have a floor plan to share? I got quite a lot of ideas from this youtube channel named "never too small" here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_zQ777U6YTyatP3P1wi3xw

They showcase a lot of interior design and spatial planning for a variety of small apartments throughout the world. I think you will find a lot of useful ideas there!

by capricon14

I think what you need is some space planning ideas. Based on privacy needs, it would seem natural to group the entertainment/bar area with the dining area, and then lastly the bedroom area should not be too close to them. Yes, strategic placements of furniture and clever use of surfaces and textures will go a long way to help you demarcate each space according to its unique atmosphere. If you are planning a renovation you can speak to an ID who can look at the specifics of your space and offer you some proposals.

Germaine Tan
by Germaine Tan

If you are looking for ideas for creating pockets of spaces through partition, especially in a small space, i have a couple of suggestions here which you may consider. These are some of my research when I was planning my renovation too.

1.Using storage units as partition

This is a great way if you are looking for some 'porous' type of partition. It kinda kill two birds in one stone, allowing some visual separation while still functioning as storage unit. Pros of these are that the storage shelves can be access from both sides. Cons are these do not provide much visual and sound isolation

2.Pull across curtains

The simplest and probably the most elegant solution. Gets the job done with visual separation, and a bit of low volume noise. Pros are that pull a curtain is almost effortless.

3.Sliding doors as partition

This is the most expensive option among most. Pros is that it allows a confined space to be partition out. Useful if you have activities that requires good amount of isolation e.g. Music playing. Cons are these are usually the most costly option to install, and they remaining pretty much fixed.

These are the more common ones i came across, feel free to add on!

Dilemma regarding space management

Updated on 23 September 2020