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Epoxy pebble flooring for bathroom

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by pohchoo_yeo


I am staying in my current house and would like to renovate the bathrooms. While overlay is one option, I am exploring epoxy pebble flooring and wall tiles to minimise dust in the house.

may I know if any one could share your experience on expoxy pebble flooring? Will the flooring looks dirty over time as dust gets trapped ?

Esther Lye
by Esther Lye

I remembered back in the days (90s) epoxy pebble flooring were quite popular. They are commonly used in that generation of HDB. Based on my understanding they are actually very durable and lasting, more so than some tiles too. They don't have grout lines or textures like tiles which makes them extremely easy to clean without all those nooks trapping up dirt and dust.

lasan marikuz
by lasan marikuz

Epoxy pebble flooring was a prevalent choice, particularly in HDB homes from that era. To the best of my knowledge, these floors were known for their impressive durability, often outlasting certain types of tiles. Unlike tiles, they lacked grout lines or textured surfaces, making them exceptionally easy to clean since they didn't have crevices that could accumulate dirt and dust.

Epoxy pebble flooring for bathroom

Updated on 8 August 2023