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Home reno keep getting delayed!

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by Hondog88

Hi everyone, my reno started in Mar and is supposed to be completed by the end of May. However till today it is still not hand over to me due to multiple delays from the ID.

ID was signed in an exclusive appointment-only event. When signing with them, they promised great workmanship, in-house team, good delivery in time records blah blah blah and hence we paid a premium for that.

However once the works started, things doesn't seem to be going that well. Half way during the already delayed renovation process, a new ID was assigned to us, claiming that the previous ID had left the company.

Throughout the reno process, I realised that the ID has very lousy project management skills. The sequence of works to be done is a mess, and the on-site management is also very bad. They doesn't seem to be urgent in getting the job done in time, we have multiple times emphasis that we need to move in by June latest due to the ending of lease of our current place, but in the end they still cock up, and told us that it has to be delayed by another two months.

The handover from one ID to the next doesn't seem good too, we had to reiterate a lot of our design and reno requests. It's a big headache for us, which was what we totally wanted to avoid in the first place by paying a premium.

When part of the carpentry was done, we took some measurements ourselves and found that many of the dimensions were incorrect from what we have been discussed with previously. Some materials were also changed without notifying us, and when ask the ID they say material is unavailable due to supply chain issues, so no choice. What???

Anyway, long story short we are still in the process of sorting a lot of this mess out with the ID, still unsure when is handover and move in date with some works till incomplete. Not recommended to sign with IDs at events, better to ownself do homework before engaging any ID if you don't want to go through this mess like us.

Not sure if anyone has similar experiences, or for us in a one of thing due to bad lucky and covid. If anyone wants to share their experiences feel free.

by Rethebecca

Sounds like a series of compounding of bad events for you. Sory to hear that. Ever since i heard stories from my cousins regarding the pushy sales "group events" out there I avoid any ID that shows up at events. Considering the current lack of workers and materials situation which everyone is in, any ID who has time to sit at events probably is bit fishy. Beware of all those "guarantees" and bs promised by the event managers too. Whatever they promised I am sure they didn't help guarantee that your reno will not be delayed or your ID will manage your project well.

by minionsgang


Saw the article above at ST today. Seems like more and more reno 'hicups'. Does not seems that CASE can do much to them also. Best is to avoid in the first place. Not worth the pain and headache.

by Scrabbo

Visited a reno event in town this weekend with wife. Did not get a good vibe from the designers there. The event made us required to meet at least 3 different IDs back to back. Was tiring as hell. Most of them repeat the same stuff, just want to sell you their packages. Came back search their reviews some of them are chui. Wasted an afternoon on a weekend.

by DaloraChong

Just received whatsapp from my ID that they need to revise the pricing of the previous quotation with addition to a 2 to 3 weeks possible delay... quite sian to hear that. Anyone else getting delays and revised quote too?

Home reno keep getting delayed!

Updated on 12 August 2021