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How much does your 4 Room BTO renovation cost?

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by Rethebecca

Hey peeps me is starting to do my reno finding for upcoming 4 room BTO. I see the average price of 4-room HDB renovations of the projects on Hometrust is at 43K.

I have gotten a few quotes from a few IDs as I just started shopping for them. The range of prices they provided varies quite a bit, between 30K to 70K all available.

My house is 94m2, the requirements I gave them was the same though, simple minimalist and modern design, basic kitchen cabinets and just essentials for wardrobe in bedrooms. Some basic storage in the living room. No TV console or furniture type carpentry as I am looking to purchase the furniture separately. Overall nothing fancy.

I am curious is it normal to have such a big range in the prices quote? If so what is the difference in value I am looking at? Cheers and thanks !

by minionsgang

A few main factors that usually determine the bulk of the reno quote price.

  1. The materials which are proposed (wood, vinyl, laminates etc) makes the most difference in pricing
  2. The area of built-in carpentry, since correlates with the amount of material used and labour required.
  3. Tiling and painting area. Also impacts materials and labour directly.

Every ID has their own way of calculating the costs for the above. Some bundle it up, some breakdown. It is recommended that you check out projects completed with pricing breakdown indicator for your house type here to get a more detailed picture about each component of the renovation works.

Example 4-room HDBS with pricing breakdown is available here: https://www.hometrust.sg/projects/latest/4-room-hdb/type--1/cost--breakdown

Hope it helps babe!

by JeffC

Any sort of hacking like walls, flooring etc should also be taken into account of the costings. Hacking is intensive labor which adds a lot to the cost. Since you mentioned minimalist design, are there hacking of walls involved?

by Pakoball

Generally, those more expensive reno are those that have more details or customization involved. Like one of my friend's house which have some intricate folding room dividers, need the ID and contractor to make specific design for the space with some special mechanism. Whole reno cost 60K plus.

by Gusty

Got choose special materials? Like Quartz countertop, solid wood carpentry or atas tiling. All these very expensive these days, especially with supply chain contrains

by Rethebecca

No special materials were quoted for my project, only basic laminates. We did request for some binds though, to allow some daylight into the house but not overly bright (our living room is facing a bit of sun path). Will compare a few more quotes from ID who have a more extensive HDB portfolio.

How much does your 4 Room BTO renovation cost?

Updated on 10 August 2021