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When should i start planning for my renovation?

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by Pearlyn_Goh

Hi fellow forumers, I am a first time homeowner and I am collecting my BTO keys (late next year). Its a 4 room flat. I have been browsing quite a lot of ideas, furniture and features which I would like to incorporate in my design. However, I have not reached out to any designers or companies to start discussing with them. I am afraid that if I contract them too early they wouldn't really be bothered with me, or they wouldn't put my project with priority too. Generally how many months before your actual key collection do you start talking to designers?


Hi Pearlyn, there is not fix period to when you can start your renovation.

Generally, I would recommend between 3 to 6 months. There are often many details which first-time homeowners can overlook when working on their renovation. It is better to give yourself ample time to make changes and revisions throughout the renovation process since the more you research and gain knowledge about your renovation, the final choice of your renovation would probably evolve from your initial plans/ideas.

Nevertheless, feel free to start speaking to designers anytime. Due to the current covid-situation and lack of manpower, I have also heard from friends that some firms have a long backlog too. Might be also good to at least check with their availability.

by minionsgang

I think usually 6 months prior will be a good time to plan. But as ECKS mentioned above due to current over-booked situation 9 months should be ok. No harm start early since if you don't like the first few designers you speak to, can always scout around for others.

by Fishandchips

I very last min one haha, actually only look for ID after i collected my key. Left the place empty for a couple of weeks to see see the vibe first. Don't like to rush into things lol

by minionsgang

Nevertheless ask early is always better IMO, some IDs quite f up one. Only pick and select budget of projects which they like. If you have an ID in mind already, better let them know early about your budget.

Germaine Tan
by Germaine Tan

I feel that there are generally two ways to do it. One way is to approach the ID very open-mindedly, and tell them your requirements and let them work their magic. Another way is to do sufficient research in the features and spaces you like to have, prepare mood boards, and list down your requirements in good detail. When meet with the ID then go through with them to make sure nothing get left out.

Personally I prefer the second way. Considering reno is a big sum and long time do once only, better to be more overly prepared and then adjust from there.

by Chicken83

Plan early but don't commit to any id too soon, unless you are very sure they have good track record and won't go bust. With the recent news of the delay in many upcoming BTOs, never known how the economy gonna go if extended waiting time is required before you can commence your renovation.

When should i start planning for my renovation?

Updated on 16 December 2020