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Additional interior design services that are not commonly provided?

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by XcoldplayX

Does your ID provide furnishing services that are kinda additional to the renovation part of the project?

I mean, beyond just designing spaces, do they help with recommending furniture that matches, providing detailed furnishing layouts, and maybe even assisting in purchasing or customizing them?

I’m curious because, as a newbie to this whole renovation journey, I’m not sure what to expect since there are so many components required to complete the reno to a move in condition, and every component is additional cost.

We are not exactly cost conscious and hope to keep to a budget that is within our expectation without any final price shocks.

by SuperEleven

Some IDs really go the extra mile! Apart from the usual design stuff, mine helped me select furniture, even managed to get some custom pieces to fit my tiny 3-room HDB perfectly.

They also did provided a virtual layout to see how everything fits before buying. Cost-wise, got a bit of markup as they are considered more premium kind of ID, but worth it for the hassle-free experience. No harm asking your ID if they offer these extra services.

Mei Ling
by Mei Ling

Mine provided basic furniture recommendations at no extra charge. If your ID does't, RUN.

Chris Designs
by Chris Designs

As an interior designer myself, I always discuss with clients about going beyond the usual services. For more high-end services, we provide personalized shopping, custom furniture design, and even oversee the installation process.

Our clients typically want efficient, stylish solutions. It does come with additional costs, but the value is in the bespoke experience and the assurance that every element fits perfectly in the space. You wouldn't want to spend 80K, 90K on your home reno with premium materials and then the furniture end up doesnt match it well and spoil the whole vibe right?

by Pakoball

My ID did offer to help with furniture and decorations, but I still chose to hunt for bargains myself.

Got some good finds at local furniture places like those at Tan Boon Lian building and online like Carousell. You will be surprised at the number of good quality stuff available at a budget. Can save a lot if you don’t mind legwork.

Always ask your ID for a breakdown of services and costs, then decide what you can DIY to save some coins!

Additional interior design services that are not commonly provided?

Updated on 30 March 2024