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Designer threatened us

Ms Teapot
by Ms Teapot

Hi all.. I am currently extremely stressed from an on-going renovation nightmare.

As the renovation is still in-progress, we still do not wish to point out the name of the company yet.

Throughout the entire reno process, we discovered that the materials used for our reno was not what they were promised.

Brands of paints were switched to other lower qualities one which we never approved. Some of the carpentry laminates were also changed without notifying us. They might seem similar in texture and colors, but closer inspection would reveal otherwise.

When we pointed these out to our designer, they got angry and threaten us that they would stop work and delay our renovation indefinitely and we are welcome to find other contractors or company to find the work, but they will not refund us anything.

As we have been renting for quite a while since the delayed of key collection last year, this might results in further rental expenses upon us.

The entire ordeal has been tremendously stressful for us emotionally and potentially financially. Communication with them has been very one sided, and whenever we try to find out more we were slapped upon with bad attitude. It feels like we are not being treated as customers at all.

Would like to ask homeowners here what are possible resolutions to such situation? We just hope to have our house done as promised to move on.

Designer threatened us

Updated on 21 April 2023