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Does your designer charge a fee?

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Joanna P
by Joanna P

I recently received a quotation after the initial meet-up with a designer, the prices breakdown seems to have a design fee which was quite hefty. The quotation is around 50K, and the design fee takes up around 7K. Due to privacy purposes, I won't share the quotation's screenshots, but I am very keen to find out if it is a common practice for designers to charge this "design fee". I asked around some of my friends who have done renovation and they all said they didn't notice this component in their quotation. Is the 'design fee' an excuse to mark-up the quotation? I will also be enquiring a few other designers to find out more. Thanks for any info provided.


When we renovate our home there was no quote item for so-call 'design fee'. However, I would suggest that you should consider the entire quotation as a whole instead. I would think that even for firms who do not have the quote item for 'design fee', they can also add-in the cost of it into the other items in the quotation 🤔

It might be a better comparison if you were to compare the provides items between multiple quotations against the final cost of the quotation.

by Rethebecca

During our reno period we gotten around 8 quotes from different IDs. Around half of them charges a fee, and half of them doesn't. There seems to be no fixed way of doing it, those that charges a fee some charged a fixed fee, while a few charges by a percentage of the project. Personally I won't be too bothered by the "design fee" as I feel that the overall budget and whether the designer can communicate with me and understand my requirements is more important.

by Gusty

Usually these days the "design fee" will not be explicitly charged. They either omit it in the quote or just put in as zero, but common sense la, ID also have to make money. Margins includes from other items already.

Does your designer charge a fee?

Updated on 27 April 2021