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How many interior designers do you meet before making a decision?

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Esther Lye
by Esther Lye

Hey guys, i am getting my keys next month. Going to start the ID scouting process in a week time. There are many firms with extensive portfolio out there. How many IDs did you guys met before settling on one? Would you meet multiple designers from the same firm?

by jekwong

I feel it really depends on getting the right kind of interior designer you need. Not all interior designers will share the same chemistry with you, for example if design is important to you, then you will need a "real" designer in order to click. For my home, I had to meet up with 8 designers before I settled on my perfect one, haha. It didn't take as much time and effort as more than half of them I had eliminated after the first meeting as it became clear 1) we were not on the same wavelength 2) they didn't understand what i needed. just my 2 cents; good luck on your renovation journey!


We went through 4 interior designers but i would say there isn't a fix or standard number to speak to before deciding on one that is suitable for your home.

It's like dating, some people marry the first girl they met, while others simply takes a few to find their ideal partner 😄

by janiceG

My husband and I met up with 7 IDs before deciding on the right one. In my experience its not easy to meet the designer with the right chemistry, and in the end I'm thankful we went through the whole process because my reno turned out to be really smooth.

Some red flags I had with other IDs I (thankfully) rejected

  • one told me I could not hack walls which were clearly non load-bearing walls
  • one insisted that I had to install window grilles despite the fact that I had mentioned that I did not want grilles

  • minionsgang
    by minionsgang

    We met less than 5 haha, tiring to meet a lot sia. But for those we met we did quite some research on them (positive reviews, good number of complete projects, projects designs looks good) before we make settle on one to discuss further. I realise some firms are a hit and miss, need to see which designer they assigned to you.

    by Fishandchips

    Only 1 lol, cause my friend recommend one. Lazy to look around also if he say good should be not bad la

    How many interior designers do you meet before making a decision?

    Updated on 3 August 2020