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ID MIA halfway during renovation!

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by Starlight22

Hey onwers, having a big headache regarding our current renovation situation. Hope to seek some opinions on possible actions moving forward.

The nightmare goes like this.... I enaged an ID from a reno event which we happen to chance upon in town. The works started quite promptly upon the confirmation of the contract and at the start of the proposal and all seemed promising. It is our first home so we are kinda new to how the whole renovation process goes, we trusted the ID assigned to us in providing us with updates as the reno goes along. This is red flag number one, we should not have chosen an ID from the event. It just all sounded like sales talk looking back.

However after a couple of weeks, the updates and replies from the ID became lesser and lesser. Our messages to the ID are often seen and not replied. Towards the end its is just no response of calls and messages.

During the project there was actually a change of ID, the first ID whom we met at the event seemed to be knowledgeable and kinda understand what we wanted in our home. It was why we signed up them. However barely halfway through the project, she said that she have some emergency issues and need to hand us over to her colleague. We asked if we could wait for her to continue but she denied in multiple ways. We should have seen that as a red flag number two.

The new ID who took over barely understood our project well and things started to go downslope from here. On and off we would visit the house to check-in, but there are often no works going on and despite our "newness" to this renovation thing we could see that the works are vastly delayed. Looking at the works done there was absolutely no way it was going to be completed before July, our handover date and the whole process had been almost a year.

Our place is a newly handed over 4-room BTO, and we had opted for minimal works as we like the simple and straightforward design theme. There wasn't even any complicated hacking or sorts and there weren't much built-in carpentry as we prefered a more open plan design.

Despite that close to the completion date, now there are still cables hanging from our ceiling and multiple walls. Carpentry with the laminate pieces are uneven, and some even peeling off in less than a couple of months. There are many other defects which are obviously the results of poor design planning and rushed+poor workmanship. Some of the lighting fixtures which we custom-made for the ID to install are also lost during the renovation, which when we asked them they said they simply have no idea where they went to!

It was a complete nightmare for us to deal with this day-to-day being first-time house owners. The ID and company have been very hard to reach, and they have not been responding to our calls and messages. We are in a recurring nightmare of what actions can we take next just getting this mess fixed to be able to move on. Please share if you have any suggestions, thank you.

Esther Lye
by Esther Lye

Hey TS you are certainly not alone here. I have heard too many stories about IDs failing to deliver their work and going missing over the past few months from friends and relatives around. It does seem that there is an increasing trend in such unfortunate issues.

One of my close friends who had to go through this ordeal is still having PTSD thinking about the possibility of her family having to re-do the entire renovation and the financial damages which they have to bear.

I would suggest you trying to go to CASE, but from other homeowner's feedback in the forum there doesn't seem to be much CASE can do.

You can also seek legal action against your ID if any of their undeliverable or delays have violated terms of the contract of your project.

Hope all is going well for you.

by livia_leow

Care to share which ID firm was that? I also going to start reno but my ID also keep MIA as he like, in a dilemma don't know what to do....

by shuya_cheng

wow, that sounds like a red flag. Trust me when the renovation proceeds there will be more issues that crop up, and more reasons for your ID to MIA when trouble arises. Its really important to choose a reliable and dependent ID, and if you spot red flags, don't be shy to cut your losses.

Jon Tan
by Jon Tan

We were in the process of searching for an ID and have been monitoring the reviews on Hometrust for quite a while, almost a year. Based on our observation the number of negative reviews over the past few months are through the roof. Not sure why though. Here are some of them within the span of the past weeks:






Would strongly recommended any new homeowner who has not engaged/signed with an idea to do some background checks of their firms here first. From the reviews we gone through, regrets are usually huge headaches and costly.

by Pakoball

for some reasons all the negative reviews is quite addicting to read. Recently the influx of negative reviews are through the roof man... fellow owners out there take care ah..

Like this one.. power sia https://www.hometrust.sg/interior-designers/interior-times/review/5371

by Heartily

Hi we face issue, seek for case and legal firm. The protection for normal consumer is really weak. There is basically nothing much u can do. Case only helps to contact them 3 times and they are private organisations. If firm choose to ignore them basically nothing we can do but to lose the money.

by Starlight22

CASE can't help at all! All the contractors and companies that says they are CASETRUST certified, even when issues happens you are not going to get priority or any extra help from CASE too. As the saying goes "prevention is the best cure". Always vet the company/designer you are hiring with extra scrutiny. Don't be like us, better be safe than sorry!

by VS

All the ID companies and platforms trying to bait consumers with "Guarantees, lucky draw, freebies" into signing up with them.

Think about it, if the company so good need to give all these goodies?

Steady ID companies all busy doing work and have their projects scheduled few months to a year ahead already.

Be warned of any companies who needs to resort to those "baits"

ID MIA halfway during renovation!

Updated on 21 June 2022