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Renovation delayed again

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Desmond Chan
by Desmond Chan

My home has started renovation since Mar 2022. Works started soon after the contract was signed and payment was made.

The first week we got some minor updates of the work done, but after that when we left for a 3 weeks vacation, trusting that the ID can get their work done while we are not around.

However during that period of time there have not been any updates and it got us worried. When we came back from our vacation to check on them, we saw that barely much of the reno has been progressed.

Handover was supposed to be June, but today we are still seeing lots of missing works. A good chunk of the carpentry is still not up yet and we have neighbors complaining to us due to the extended delay of works. We suspect that the ID has deployed manpower to his other projects during the period which we are not around locally. Always check on your ID guys!

Today they just informed us again that the project will be delayed another 6 WEEKS due to "manpower shortage". I don't think we can trust them on that.

Our contract does not seem to have any clause that allows us to pursue legal action on delay of handovers and now we are stuck to have to negotiate rent for another couple of months.

If anyone has experience in resolving delays with their ID past/present please share! Thanks!

by Hondog88

Brother don't do reno halfway and go vacation la.... two to three days ok two weeks too long already... don't know what monkey business the contractors and workers do in your house oso...

Joanna P
by Joanna P

Sorry to hear about your situation TS, you can try to go to CASE.. but if possible and if you want faster forms of resolution, speaking to a legal representative is the way. Even if your contract does not have any clauses in your favour, there could be possible business laws which your engaged company is breaking. All the best.

Renovation delayed again

Updated on 4 July 2022