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Still meeting interior designers with covid cases hitting 1k to 2k daily?

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by SereneWee

Hey peeps I am getting keys to my new place soon and currently is in the search for IDs for kickstart our project. However the recent spike in covid cases kinda throw off my plans a lil. I am still staying at parents home before moving into my upcoming new place so as much as possible I would like to avoid coming in close contact with strangers. Considering that an ID meets a pretty huge number of clients, colleagues and contractors daily, I am considering to do online meetings with them instead. Does anyone have any experience of kickstarting a project with an ID through lets say zoom calls?

by Jennie

When I did my place last year a good section of the discussion with done via calls/zoom/dropbox before the lockdown was removed. I would say it is doable. Just make sure you look for IDs who have experience in doing discussions online. I realised some id are super school and don't even know how to use dropbox/zoom.

by DaloraChong

Met our ID during P2HA period. Was hesitant but didn't want our reno to be delayed considering the lack of manypower and material supply chain issue. Our key collection already delay liao... if reno delay even more Asian. Luckily we did that as I heard from some friends that now the delay is even longer than previously.

Jenn Ho
by Jenn Ho

I have a friend who tested positive after going to an indoor event. He never takes public transport and only hangs out with same household families members. Suspect that prolong duration in indoor/aircon area does have risks of virus. There seem to be a lot of asymptomatic cases around. I would believe that the actual number of cases is much more higher than the reported number daily.

Still meeting interior designers with covid cases hitting 1k to 2k daily?

Updated on 23 September 2021