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ID asking for additional payment

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Nachu Venky
by Nachu Venky

May I ask around if anybody knows if it is common practice for IDs to bill for additional payment after signing contract? 

For my home renovation, we had to make a few changes to some of the dimensions during the progress of the works which the ID agreed. However, it wasn't made explicitly clear by the ID that the changes would result in additional costs. In addition, my ID was responsible for a 2 week delay of handover due to some cock ups which cost me additional rental cost on my end.

In that case is the additional billing justified? I would like to know if anyone has faced a similar problem. Now that the works are done, with some hiccups here and there, it feels as if we gave way on many issues but the ID is insisting on additional payment.

by minionsgang

Did you revise your renovation contract when the changes were proposed and accepted by the ID? If it wasn't explicitly made clear, and pen down on an agreement I do not think the ID has the right to demand additional payment from you. There should be a clear renovation contract and payment terms (see attached images) that should be abide to. If any changes are not recorded i would see it as the ID done it on their own accord and the isn't additional payment required.

by Fishandchips

Know your rights! If it is not in black and white, don't think you are obligated to pay anything!

Mardiana Tumadi
by Mardiana Tumadi

Yup i will also not provide any form of additional payment that is not documented or properly invoiced. Don't think that is legal too.

ID asking for additional payment

Updated on 14 January 2021