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Le Bleu Art

9.0   1 Reviews ·  1 Projects
Scandinavian Resale Commercial by Le Bleu Art
21 Bukit Batok Crescent, Wcega Tower
Scandinavian · Commercial


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1 project
Le Bleu Art has worked on at least 1 project over the past 1 year.

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1 project
Avg New: NA
Avg Resale: $40,000

About Le Bleu Art

Le Bleu Art specialises in interior design, renovation works, furnishing consultancy & styling for residential & commercial developments. We work in hand with our clients by accommodating their different lifestyles & living habits in order to create the perfect interior landscape as well as to achieve the perfect outcome. We cater to a wide range of clientele with very different needs from creative designing to soft furnishing, providing clients with exquisite customised accent pieces. We pride ourselves by offering efficient and effective problem-solving solution and paying attention to details with quality materials. Unlike traditional interior design firms, we seek to synergise the entire interior design process by representing our clients in handling both design & furnishing elements in order to create the “wow” factor – an exciting masterpiece which will gain admiration. Le Bleu Art consist of a close-knitted team of vibrant individuals who aim to meet your requirements using quality materials that are effective and of reasonable cost to suit your budget. Our interior designers are chosen based on their experience, and more importantly, their sense of responsibility. This is our personal belief and commitment towards our valued customers, as a responsive and dedicated system is our base towards creating an excellent home renovation process.


21 Bukit Batok Crescent #28-7, Wcega Tower, Singapore 658065

Today 10:00 am - 07:00 pm
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Frequently Asked Questions about Le Bleu Art

How has Le Bleu Art been rated by homeowners?
Le Bleu Art has been rated as excellent by homeowners, with an average rating of 9.0 rated by 1 homeowners.
Read homeowners' reviews of Le Bleu Art here.
How many showrooms does Le Bleu Art have?
Le Bleu Art has 1 showroom in Singapore.
See all Le Bleu Art's showroom addresses here.
Can I enquire with Le Bleu Art for my renovation project?
Yes, you can enquire with Le Bleu Art for a personalised quote for your renovation project. Provide your floorplans and designs preferences for designers from Le Bleu Art to get in touch with you.
Enquire with Le Bleu Art here.
What is the average price of projects completed by Le Bleu Art?
The average price of projects completed by Le Bleu Art is $40,000.
See all of Le Bleu Art's projects here.
What is the most popular design style among Le Bleu Art's projects?
Le Bleu Art has completed 1 Scandinavian style project(s) out of a total of 1 projects.
See all of Le Bleu Art's projects here.
Which is the most popular property type Le Bleu Art has completed?
Le Bleu Art has completed 1 Commercial style project(s) out of a total of 1 projects.
See all of Le Bleu Art's projects here.
Can I have video consultations with Le Bleu Art?
Yes, in light of the current COVID-19 situation, Le Bleu Art is available for video consultations.
Enquire with Le Bleu Art for a video consultation here.
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