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Most Useful Reviews
Singapore Carpentry reviewer Mr Teng
"I stumbled upon Singapore carpentry while googling for carpentry services. Reading the great reviews online on Singapore carpentry as well as viewing their portfolio encouraged me to engage them for a partial renovation of my home instead. After contacting..."
Singapore Carpentry reviewer Ethan Seng
"For the renovation of our semi detached, we got in touch with Singapore Carpentry however it took around 5 days for a response however the proposal provided was interesting and showed good use of our budget hence we decided to continue with Singapore Carpentry..."
Zenith Design Theory Pte Ltd reviewer zeng khong
"I contacted Zenith Design Theory in Aug 2020 for my new condo flat renovation. I wanted to pay a visit to his showroom so that I could view the design and samples however he keep refusing in letting me know the location and always arrange for a meeting outside..."
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Jenn Ho
"Hi i would like to know if it's ok to hack away the fridge/cabinet base in the kitchen. I've been told that the kitchen should have waterproofing done so there is a risk it might cause leakage in future. "
Nachu Venky
"May I ask around if anybody knows if it is common practice for IDs to bill for additional payment after signing contract?  For my home renovation, we had to make a few changes to some of the dimensions during the progress of the works which the ID agreed...."
Germaine Tan
"I need help to set up my upcoming living room. I want an inviting, warm living room, with touches of Hygge. We foresee that we will often watch TV in this room and have frequent visitors. I would dream of a modular sofa or VERY comfortable sofas. I foresee the..."
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Sky Creation reviewer Jeremy Wong
"How do you know if your renovation is a success and a great job done? Simple: when both of my wife and my mother have no complain..."
Omni Design Pte Ltd reviewer guo_lu_qian
"I met with ID Tiffany and sign the contract within 5 days while she provides ideals to me as much as possible. The pricing was ve..."
Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd reviewer Adel yip meng
"We were recommended 8 ID firms to me and ID Pen from Vivre Creative Design outshines all the others with his design. My son wan..."
Livspace reviewer terrence_tan_tze_liang
Review of
pro status
"It was a good experience to see how the project came to life. A list of requirements for the design of the house was given to Ange..."
Areana Creation Pte Ltd reviewer Irwan Roslan
"First of all me and my wife Nurul would like to take this opportunity to thanks our id saiful for the excellent works for turning..."